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02 November 2012

McCarthy & Stone guide to finanical planning in retirement

Financial planning checklist

We recognise that everyone approaches later life differently but to really enjoy the pleasures of later life, a little financial planning and wise money management will help enormously.

Have you...

  • Checked that you are receiving all of the benefits to which you are entitled?
  • Planned for regular income during later life from either your pension, savings or your property
  • Shopped around and compared products to make sure you’ll receive the best possible income?
  • Had a conversation with your children about your later life financial planning?
  • Prepared a will so that your estate goes where you want it to go?
  • Thought about who you might want to have lasting power of attorney over decisions about your finances and wellbeing?
  • Made provisions for your own funeral so that you get the send-off that you want without burdening your family with the costs or arrangements?

To help you plan we’ve launched a useful mini guide to financial planning in later life.

The guide offers straight forward, practical advice about things to consider, where to get help and advice from as well as details of how McCarthy & Stone can help with some of these important decisions.

Request your copy

Our guide to financial planning in later life is free of charge, request your copy by calling the FREEPHONE number 0800 919 132

At McCarthy & Stone Money we offer a range of financial services that can help you with your "life admin", they are tailored around you and our expert partners can help you make these important choices.

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