The life of an Apprentice Assistant Site Manager

26 July 2016

Day in the life of an Apprentice Assistant Site Manager 

Katie joined us in the summer of 2015 as a Construction Administrator before becoming an Apprentice Assistant Site Manager in May 2016 and she's giving her inside view on life as an apprentice on the site!


Day 38. It's 29 degrees today, I've got my sunglasses on, I'm SPF'd (at my mum's request/demand), and there's a constant flow of people at the water fountain.

I've inducted 3 workers this morning, which was slightly easier than the 7 yesterday morning; that was heckles galore.

I'm up to date with emails, I've walked the building, and now it's tea time, so a cup of coffee, white with 2 sugar cubes for me.

I wouldn't say it's difficult being a female on a building site; but it's certainly a different world to the clean, air conditioned office I'd grown accustomed to. There's no girly chit chat around here.

The site's getting busier by the day as we get into second fixing, painting, and fitting kitchens, so there's an influx of new trades, most of which give a surprised smile as I introduce myself with my full title.

"What made you want to work on a building site then, love?" I'm asked frequently. My answer differs from day to day. I joke about working outside and finally getting some colour in my cheeks. I mention my career, and the opportunities this company has offered me. The sense of pride I see from the other site managers (who have given me nothing but support and guidance), when they talk about their previous developments and how they feel when they happen to drive past one.

And the feeling I got when I spoke to residents of some of our developments, how happy they were and what a new sense of freedom and independence our product had given them.

We did that. We put those smiles on these people's faces. I could be a part of that.

Life on site isn't always rainbows and unicorns. But it was definitely a good move for me.

It was suggested a couple of months ago for me to write a "blog", and those who know me probably could've guessed my response. But actually, after 38 days here, I felt it was time to share my experience so far.

So you never know, I may well write another one.


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