Assisted Living - an if and when story

18 November 2013

McCarthy & Stone's Assisted Living

I am often asked what is Assisted Living and it is only when you visit one of our schemes that you truly realise the wide range of support and help that is on hand in our developments. 

Even at 53, there are times when I would like some assistance, like when the power goes off at night or when I’m alone and hear something outside. At other times, like when I am poorly and just don’t feel like cooking or need help getting up in the morning, some assistance would be very helpful.

As we get older, we all need a bit more help, and Assisted Living provides this support while maintaining independence. Our Assisted Living developments provide an apartment and lifestyle that enable people over 70 to remain in a home they own and continue to live independently but knowing that support and care is on hand when it’s required.

What separates our Assisted Living from our Retirement Living developments is an Estate Manager and their team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plus other services like an on-site restaurant. Our staff provide an hour of domestic assistance each week for each homeowner (which covers things like vacuuming and changing the bedding, the jobs we all hate). Any assistance our homeowners need in addition to this hour is arranged when they ask for it and when they need it. Our costs are comparable to local care agencies for domestic and personal care services, and are of the highest standards. I call this the ‘if and when’ cost sheet, so you only get assistance if you ask for it and when you need it. So, unlike a care home, you are not paying for care around the clock even when you do not need it. Our care packages can be arranged to suit you and will be provided by someone you know and trust.  

Recently, we had a homeowner who required a little assistance getting to our restaurant at lunch time as she was a bit unsteady on her feet. After a few months of living with us, she didn’t need our help anymore because her confidence had come back along with her independence since moving into her new apartment.

Another homeowner was very independent but couldn’t bend to put her shoes and socks on. Helping them with this was the only assistance they asked us to provide for them, and we were delighted to oblige.

Everyone likes the fact that if and when you want to socialise that’s available too. So come and have a look next time you are passing an Assisted Living development and I hope you will be pleasantly surprised. 

You can find out more about where I work at Lady Susan Court in Basingstoke here

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