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03 January 2013

We offer all of our customers and those enquiring about a McCarthy & Stone property support to help them understand what benefits they’re entitled to and how much financial support they could expect to receive.

Age UK estimates that older people fail to claim over £5 billion in money that’s due to them every year*and, our customers are sometimes unaware of what their entitlements are.

It’s Colin’s job to advise them and many people find that their entitlement changes dramatically on moving into one of our apartments. For example, it’s possible that certain costs involved, such as the ground rent and service charge could be covered by entitlements such as Pension Credit.

The most common areas of advice tend to cover:

  •          Council tax benefit
  •          Attendance allowance
  •          State pension advice

Even if our customers think you are not eligible now, they may be entitled to receive certain benefits once they have moved in or if their situation changes in the future. It’s certainly worth a conversation with Colin to make sure they’re not missing out.

Get in touch

For a free and confidential review of the benefits you may be entitled to by living in one of our apartments, Colin can be contacted by phone on 0800 027 2445 or drop him an email at

The McCarthy & Stone benefits advice service has helped many people over the past year. Here’s what one resident had to say about the service...

“I suffer with arthritis and it’s a real struggle, but I didn’t know that having this condition made me entitled for anything, particularly not extra financial help. Colin, however, was able to advise me about something called Attendance Allowance. I was surprised to find out I was eligible to receive some money, but I now receive the allowance once a month. It certainly makes the cost of living more comfortable and when you get to our age every little helps!”

- Liberty Court resident

Colin can review and explain what you’re entitled to and give you assistance with form completion. He can also refer you to other organisations for specialist assistance if your question requires it. Read how he's helped other customers.

*(Source: Age UK’s website March 2011)

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