What an omnishambles!

22 January 2013

We are looking for a new word for retirement.

A what? Omnishambles. It’s Oxford Dictionaries' 2012 word of the year, and it means a ‘situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterised by a string of blunders’. If you’re a fan of BBC2’s satirical show The Thick of It, then you’ll be familiar with the origins of the word as it’s used regularly to describe events in the corridors of power.

Are you good with words? Our Greater Life Advisory Board would like your help to find a new word or phrase for ‘retirement’ – one that celebrates the wide-ranging roles and responsibilities older people assume when they retire.

The best idea will win an Apple iPad 2 (16gb); two runners-up will each win a bottle of champagne. For full competition terms and conditions click here

To enter, send your word or phrase to Group Marketing, McCarthy & Stone, Homelife House, 26-32 Oxford Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH8 8EZ or email info@mccarthyandstone.co.uk, by 31st March 2013.


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Other Comments:

Tracy D “Don't post your entries here guys, they might get nicked! You need to email or snail mail them, not put them in these public comments. ”

Brian Cross “After struggling to find something "punchy" here, the answer came to me as a typical "nightcap" for older people. "Ovaltinagers" or, if you prefer, "Ovalteenagers."”

Lisa hilton “My time ”

Alexa Moore “Great suggestions by Laura and Sara. There are more phrases on our Facebook Page too www.facebook.com/mccarthystone”

Laura Bryant “Primetimer - At the prime of your life with time and so much more”

Sara Friend “Regeneriation - a mix of regenerate, generation and geriactric”