The World’s oldest twins:
Still closer than ever after 103 years!

18 March 2015

mccarthy and stone - worlds oldest twins

They say the bond between twins is like no other and that couldn’t be more true for Glenys Thomas and Florence Davies who, at the age of 103, are the UK’s oldest living twins and are still as inseparable as ever.

Born five minutes apart on November 22, 1911, the year of King George V's Coronation and less than six months before the Titanic sank, Florence and Glenys have lived through two world wars and seen a total of 19 British Prime Ministers in power.

Between them, the identical Welsh twins have five children, 12 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

mccarthy and stone - worlds oldest twins

The pair has virtually spent an entire century in one another’s company, having first shared a room as children growing up and then lived next door to each other, in Francis Street, Abertridwr, South Wales, for the majority of their lives.

So much was their need to be able to spend time together that they even had an interior door installed joining their two kitchens to make it even easier for them to see each other when they no longer lived in the same house.

The sisters are now back under one roof however, having both moved into a care home in Caerphilly, where they have rooms just a couple of doors away from each other and enjoy spending time together in the communal lounge area.


The great-great-grandmothers have a family photo album bursting with memories from the 103 years they have shared together and many of their family members live nearby.mccarthy and stone - worlds oldest twins

Glenys’ daughter, Gwenda Stacey, said the sisters had always lived a simple life and were happiest when they were together.

"The whole family's social life was centred on their church and their community,” she told the Daily Mail. “You had to stay local in those days because it was so hard to get around.

"They have lived a simple life. Neither Mam or Aunty Flo can drive. They never went abroad. But they were always happiest together."

So, while some twins strive for their individuality and independence, it appears Glenys and Florence’s motto to stick together could be the secret to an incredibly long and happy life.

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Jane Wright “I am a non-identical twin born 45 minutes before my sister Ann. We will be celebrating our 60th birthdays in September so we are "nowt but bairns" next to Glenys and Florence. We were born in York at the same nursing home as Dame Judy Dench. In fact her father, Dr Dench delivered my brother as well as us. I am still living and working in York, but Ann is now living in Leeds.”