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17 October 2013

To celebrate Grandparent’s Day this month, we’re on the hunt for all those funny, touching or downright mischievous tales that define the very special relationship that grandchildren share with their grandparents.

Do you have a story to share about all the wonderful times you’ve spent together? Is there moment or a time that sticks out in your mind? Or perhaps you have a secret about the tomfoolery and laughter that goes on when your grandchildren’s parents are not around?


If you would like to be in with a chance of winning either a Standard UK Merlin Annual Pass which enables a family of four to enjoy 12 months’ of fun and freedom at 30 of Britain’s greatest attractions OR the equivalent value in UK Leisure Vouchers, then get in touch to tell us your heart-warming capers and you will be automatically entered into our free prize draw.

Merlin Annual Passes allow entry to:
  • Alton Towers Resort Theme Park
  • Chessington World of Adventures Resort Theme Park
  • EDF Energy London Eye
  • LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Theme Park
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester
  • Madame Tussauds London & Blackpool
  • SEA LIFE centres & Sanctuaries including London, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bray, Brighton, Great Yarmouth, Scarborough, Gweek, Hunstanton, Oban & Manchester
  • The Dungeons, including London, York, Edinburgh and Blackpool
  • The Blackpool Tower attractions including Jungle Jims, the Blackpool Circus, Blackpool Ballroom, Blackpool Tower Eye
  • Warwick Castle


  1. Post your stories in the comments section below
  2. Fill out the simple entry form

The winners, which will be chosen at random, will then be able to take their pick of the prizes on offer (which will hopefully help them to create even more magical memories with their families!).

Good luck.

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Diana Cotter “I had a favourite book I read every time I visited my grandparents - I think my nanna must really have loved me to have bravely taken the part of Molly, the horse, trotting to the shops with me at my command.”

sheila mcvey “I have a wonderful granddaughter her mam went in early labour and had the baby she was six weeks premature she was only 1bb 7 born her mam was really poorly after the birth of my granddaughter but she is doing really well now and I think my granddaughter deserves to win and I help her out a lot by taking the grandchild to sleep at mine ”

Claire Tucker “As a child I would stay at my grandfathers at the weekend and he would spoil me rotten. I have fond memories of watching Big Daddy wrestling on the TV and thought it all so real! He taught me that the most important thing to give a child was your time.”

Dee Griffiths “Visiting my grandchildren who live 250 miles away makes me so happy as we try to do all the simple things that we as children used to do (weather permitting). We go to the seaside and paddle in rock pools, catching crabs, collecting shells, skimming stones, eating ice cream and candy floss. We build sandcastles and pop little flags in the top, we write our names in the sand, we run away from the waves as they come up to us, and we bury grandad in the sand so only his head is sticking out. My grandson aged 6 said 'Mummy & Daddy never do this with us, its so much more fun than playing on the Wii, or watching DVD's or playing on the computer....I love coming to the seaside with you Nanny and I love burying grandad!!' From the mouths of babes!!! Maybe electronics are going out of”

Julie Robins “I have such fond memories of my nan (my mum's mum). She was full of fun and we used to love making up silly dance routines to new songs in the charts. She always used to get the lyrics to the songs wrong though, so Tavares' 'More Than A Woman' became 'Four Legged Woman'! She was more like a mischievous friend than a grandparent . ”

Martine Knight “My granddaughter, then aged 4, came into my bed one morning for a cuddle. She spent some time peering at my face and then said, "Mammwynn your face needs ironing" Now at the grand old age of 6 1/2 she recently shouted out in a shop "Mammwynn, they've got a special offer on wrinkle cream - you'd better get loads". Out of the mouths of babes!! (Incidentally Mammwynn is Cornish for grandmother and is what she calls me).”

Lucy Richards “When we were younger my Dad would send us off to sleep with tales of the adventures of Woofy the Dog and Squiffy the Cat. We would sit mesmerised, minds filled with thoughts of the cheeky pair and the fun they had whilst rescuing the fairies from the giants and similar such stories. My children now listen to the same from their grandfather. They love nothing more than Grandad Stevo fueling their imagination as they drift into sleep with dreams about how they too can save the world. Very special times indeed.”

Linda Keeling “Love spending time with my grandkids.”

Marcus Collings “My great nan was the best ever, I remember her pushing my dads car when he was stick in the snow, only for the rear wheels to kick up a loads of mud all over her, and she pulls out the smallest hankie to wipe off her glasses. She was covered and I mean covered in mud. ”

louisa duval “Not really a funny story, but rather a sweet one. Will never forget my grandparents as I think they were the only married couple I've known in my life to be married till sadly they passed away. But I remember being small and staying over on weekends and watching my granddad sort his allotment and greenhouse relentlessly, while my nan was the best cook and also used to make awesome slippers that looked like corn on the cobs lol.They would always be awake first when I woke both sat at the kitchen table drinking their morning tea doing the crossword together.They were the sweetest couple ever always in my thoughts .xx loved and missed so much xxx”

Isabella Eaton “I used to spend every morning with my grandparents whilst my brother and sister were at school. Some of my favourite childhood memories were made with them. I would get into bed between them and watch GMTV, when Lizzie and the bear came on to do their morning exercise I would drag my papa out of bed to do his exercises whilst my granny made porridge and tea for breakfast. She would then bring us a tray each we would have a big bowl of porridge and a big cup of tea for papa, a medium size bowl of porridge and a medium cup of tea for granny and a small bowl of porridge and a small cup of tea for me, I truly believed that my granny cooked in a big pot a medium pot and a small pot, with a big kettle, a medium kettle and a small kettle. ”

wendy duval “While sitting in the garden with my grandaughter Tallulah this year the following conversation took place, Tallulah told me she loved me more than all than all the trees, I told her I loved her more than all the leaves on the trees, then Tallulah said "well I love you more than all the flowers", I replied I love you more than all the blades of grass. She thought for a while, looked round the garden, then said "Well I love you more than that old bucket". Tallulah won the day, I could not stop laughing long enough to think of a reply :D ”

Clare Moloney “My granddad was such a funny character, very strict to my poor mother but by the time I was born he had become very soft, I remember him calling me Daisy when I was 4 in a way only a proud Grandfather could. We would listen to records together of The Sound Of Music and My Fair Lady and sing along and Grandad would try and put Brandy in my milk when I was a toddler and taught me the song ' Claire drinks Milk and Alcohol' which I would sing loudly at him!! Naughty Grandad !! Putting brandy in a toddlers bottle now would be frowned upon but we laugh about him now!! ”

adrian price “I`ve always told them not to take much notice of their granny (my mrs) but on no account tell her i said that. I deny it anyway ”

Di Coke “When I was small, I remember that when Nana came to stay she would always creep to the bottom of the garden to eat raw peas from the pod. I would always sit in the vegetable patch with her, munching away! I still think of her now when I grow my own peas at home!”

Rachael Farley “I will always remember the time my sister and I got a pair of roller boots each for Christmas. Despite the fact there was a dusting of snow on the ground and it was bitterly cold our lovely Grandad took us outside on Christmas Day for over 2 hours whilst Grandma cooked Christmas lunch. He was a real legend!!”

Linda Guest “My grandad was a 'man's man' yet he took me everywhere with him. As the first grandchild I had an amazing childhood. My mom made me a denim bib and brace like Grandad's and we would go to the livestock market. My earliest memories are of sitting on a gate watching him barter for some pigs, loading them into the wagon, using a stick to herd them along and then sitting with the men, listening to their talk, by the open fire with a cup of tea from a flask before climbing back into the wagon for the trip home. The pigs were bigger than me! 'Hold your noise' he would shout at the pigs as they snuffled around in the back. When we got home we would unload them and Grandma would take me into the kitchen to bath in the tin tub in front of the open range. Then it was homemade stew with chunks of bread and a sing song round the piano. I hope I can be as good at grandparenting as my lovely grandad and Grandma were, my childhood memories of them are full of warmth and happiness.”