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20 January 2014

The guide to later life by McCarthy & Stone

When our Greater Life Advisory Board came up with the idea of a guide to address some of the key issues in later life, we knew that this might help as a useful introduction to those challenging choices that we all have to make.

We also decided to carry out some research on people’s ageing concerns. Our study of 1,000 respondents revealed that there’s an urgent need for families to discuss ageing concerns before crisis point, with four out of five people with ageing parents stating that they are worried about them and that their biggest concern is their parents’ declining or ill health.

Amongst the over 60s, 42% said they had put off ageing discussions with their adult children for fear of upsetting them, while 28% said they’d put them off for fearing of upsetting themselves. 56% said this was because they don’t want their children to think of them as getting old and being a burden.  

The study also revealed that more than 60% of children fear upsetting their parents with these difficult conversations, while nearly 40% said they’d put off having these conversations with their parents because they thought it would upset themselves.

The aim of The Guide to Later Life is simply to get families to start talking about the trickier issues in later life, from finances and downsizing, to care and support. Working together now to identify future solutions not only provides peace of mind for all family members, but helps everyone to share their feelings and concerns.

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