Grandparents are busier than ever - reveals our latest poll

19 July 2013

Our latest research found that grandmothers get called upon for everything from taking the kids to the dentist to baking cakes for the school fete and they have even been known to wait in for deliveries while the rest of the family is out.

The study revealed what a huge part grandparents play in modern families as many parents juggle the responsibilities of bringing up their young children while holding down jobs and working long hours.  The poll found that they are relying heavily on their own parents to help out. Jobs like visiting the bank, keeping on top of the housework and DIY can be hard if you work full-time and if you have retired parents who are in good health it can be invaluable – especially if you are fortunate enough to have two sets on hand.

The study also found that four in ten mums call on her or her partner’s parents for DIY tasks and more than half said they would be stuck for childcare if it wasn’t for nanny and grandpa. And 44 per cent of the 2,000 parents polled often get cash-handouts from their parents to ‘see them through the month’. Other jobs grandparents muck in with are walking their off-spring’s dog, weeding the garden, hanging out the washing and even doing a big supermarket shop.

The survey also found that in a typical week grandparents are called on nearly five times and the average mum calls in 254 favours from nan and granddad every year. The parents polled estimate that if they had to pay someone for all the help their parents give them it would amount to £120.41 per week, or the equivalent of £6,261 every year.

But more than half of those polled said they never offer to pay their parents for their help, despite the fact that two thirds said they would be utterly lost if it without their input.

But it’s not only families who are benefiting from the kindness of grandparents.  43 per cent of grandparents are also involved in community work while 34 per cent also help out with charity work such as fundraising or working as a voluntary driver.

This survey confirms what we see everyday amongst thousands of residents at McCarthy & Stone developments. Grandparents today are more active than ever before and not only provide wonderful support to their time-pressed sons and daughters but are also very involved in both their local communities and charity work.

Top 20 of the most requested grandparents jobs: