Forget OAPs, we’re IAPs! (Internet Age Pensioners) reveals survey

07 March 2014

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We know from our own experience that more and more over 60s can be found surfing the web, downloading apps and sharing pictures on Facebook. So we thought it would be a great idea to really find out what technology the over 60s are using and what for in our latest survey.

Our research not only confirmed our own understanding, but it also took it to another level - British retirees are now a nation of IAPs! (Internet Age Pensioners). Researchers found that more than half of adults aged over sixty are comfortable with downloading new apps, are happy to back up their PC with security software and upload pictures on Facebook. The survey also found that half of retirees now have tablet devices and 47% have smart phones.  Three-quarters own a laptop and 61% prefer a desktop PC.

Other key findings in the survey were that 78% of retirees now use the internet to do their banking online and 72% read the news online. A whopping 88% use the internet to research deals and utility quotes, 82% to research days out and 81% have booked a holiday online. Other online activities include buying clothes, finding recipes, watching catch up TV and bidding on auction sites.

Savvy social networkers

The survey found a massive 96% of pensioners polled said they are far more savvy with technology than they were five years ago. Over half said they use Facebook, 41% cent use YouTube, along with 23% using Skype or instant messaging, 19% use iTunes and 18% use the micro-blogging site Twitter. All this activity has reinforced our decision to introduce fast, free Wi-Fi access in our homeowners’ lounges and we will be adding more technology to our latest developments.

A chance to win

To mark the latest results of our survey, we’re now on the hunt for Britain’s most tech savvy IAP and we have three fabulous prizes to give away. To nominate yourself, friend or family member for a chance to win enter our competition here

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Other Comments:

Keith Llewellyn “I have several devices but would love an iPad mini to replace my oldish Android tablet. All my important documents are in digital form; everything is scanned and backed up on Google Drive or Dropbox. ”

Mrs Sue Tremeer “Suddenly alone late in life I went on a 'Return to Learn' course at Exeter College and was trained on a computer This gave me a whole new life and career . As a 'Silver Surfer' it might take me a bit longer to grasp the fundamentals, but I now get such a sense of achievement learning to use the new technologies. - keeping in touch with the family by text, e-mail and Skype, keeping track of finances, paying bills, shopping on line, researching matters of interest, writing up my husband's memoires.and of course, being able to almost instantly share those preciious photographs of grandchildren with family and friends all round the world. The new technology has completely opened up my life!”

Lawrence Smith “At 87 I find my lap-top invaluable. No more queuing at the bank, all my accounts now on line. Use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends.I send e-mails for instant transmission worldwide, ending the tedium of writing letters. I do buy somethings on the web, but not food and groceries as my Wife prefers to see what she is buying. . .”

Betty Miller “I have a computer for the past 9 years and 2years ago I had IPad. As I am nearly 85 years old it has kept me up to date with the outside world. I would be lost without them.”

John Melton “Well I adopted my daughter @ 6 weeks old and during that time Ilost my adopted son killed by a jet ski in Puerto rico working for SHELL OIL, then my wife died of overain cancer 7 years later so my daughter wanted to go to university but said Dad I will not go but look after you I had been made redundant by BT. I SAID don,t bother about me I will get by, so after sone training I had learn and past on to her my Daughter has achieved M/Eng in computer engineering the she worked for the University to pass on to new students, she is now a P/hd in artficial music and whst lityle I started her on she has made me very proud and I am a 71 year young who started on the BBC Acorn computer Cheers from a happy john melton Am ”

Mrs Yvonne Anderson “I was most interested to read this and must say that although I am not as computer literate as I would like to be I do read the paper on line each day, bank, Facetime, use Facebook ( with these I keep in touch with my grandchildren) and buy most of my clothes on line ”