Competition to find the most tech savvy ‘IAP’

06 March 2014

Nominate someone - our hunt to find the most tech savvy over 60

British retirees are a nation of IAPs (Internet Age Pensioners) thanks to their amazing grasp of technology, our new poll has found.

To mark the latest results of our survey, we’re on the hunt for Britain’s most tech savvy over 60 and we have three fabulous prizes to give away.

Do you find yourself surfing the web and downloading apps on your smartphone?  Is your parent or grandparent always on the lookout for the latest IT gadget and always online?  Do you know someone who has achieved something amazing using the Internet or via social media?  We’re on the hunt for your stories on how the Internet and social media have improved your or their daily doings, plus we have three great prizes up for grabs.

Nominate yourself, friend or family member for a chance to win by telling us why you, or they are the most tech savvy ‘IAP’. 


  • First - iPad Mini
  • Second - ROBERTS Revival iStream Internet DAB Radio
  • Third - £50 John Lewis vouchers

How to WIN

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning, then simply post your story in the comments section below (100 word max).  All nominations/nominees have to be over 60 to win, with the prizes awarded to the tech savvy person(s) identified. If you are posting on behalf of someone do include their full name and age. 

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EMMA FURNISS “I nominate my father who is now 83. A few years ago dad underwent a series of treatments over a long period for a tumour and I am pleased to say he is now fine. Throughout this time, he documented everything which happened. Once he was well again, he decided to produce an account of everything in the hope that anyone going through the same thing could read it and understand what may happen and the possible outcome. This involved dad doing a lot of research on the internet to help with background and he even got some of the doctors/specialists involved via email. He and family took pictures throughout which he put together with his then, written account. Dad then had the idea of turning the account into a detailed leaflet and the hospital staff were very supportive in helping him as quite often doctors/specialists only see part of the story and it was useful for them to see all of it. Dad bought a dictation machine and package for his computer to help him get the story typed. He then added pictures and with a little help from another family member, turned the whole lot into a detailed leaflet. He had 200 copies professionally printed and these were given to Cheltenham Oncology Department for distribution. We are really proud of him.”

Jo Pilkington “As silver surfers go,. My dad, David Pilkington, is the savviest I know.. At 66 he always buys online,. with a click of a button, just to save time.. He's our troubleshooter and our tech support,. whether it be for Ipods, Ipads, PC's or even smartphones.. For socialising, banking, buying or just reading reviews,. He always knows which website to choose.. And although his hair is nearly all white,. His technical jargon is always right.. It puts a spring in his step and helps keeps his youthful glow,. It helps him bond with his grandchildren cos he's a computer pro!”

Cathryn Bowen “My mom - carol bowen, breezes her way through ebay, cropping pics etc - what a whizz kid at the age of 66”

Daniel Reid “Years ago I read a book, ‘The Mighty Micro’ and thought it was far fetched; how wrong I was. At 67 I volunteer for a charity. Computers were heaven sent tools and I learned Photoshop, Office and Skype, producing publicity material, rotas, newsletters and schedules in double quick time. I’ve written a book, give presentations, make promotional fridge magnets and key rings at lightning speed, run two blogs, built a website for our charity and made many new friends - and I am still learning! Computers have changed my life and the charity for the better - for ever. ”

Alan McKean “I would like to nominate my Dad. He has learned how to use the computer to stay in contact with me when I moved away. He learned to email and Skype me and now loves "surfing the net" he always goes on about how amazing the internet is and you can here him on it most nights tapping away or thumping away as he is very heavy handed on the keys we had to get him a new keyboard because he snapped some keys off, that's why I think an ipad would be great for him as the keys can't fall off. ”

Barbara Handley “I am trying to set up a group in the sheltered scheme where I live to teach other residents how to go online. People come to me for help with their computers as well. I love technology and want to pass on my knowledge as it opens up another world. You can get in touch with people you have lost touch with and keep in touch with family around the world. I enjoy reminiscing on various forums. I want my neighbours to be able to do this also.”

Lisa J “I’d like to nominate my 87 year old granddad. He served in the Royal Marines almost 70 years ago and technology (email, Skype) has helped him to reconnect with some of the men he served with in the Korean War. I am also trying to persuade him to save for an iPad so that I can show him how to use FaceTime, ready for when his two new great-grandchildren are born later this year!”

Pat Aphra “When computers first came out I was terrified of them, often ending up in tears, now (age 61) I search the web, buy things on line and complete job applications, I am connecting with people in Canada, Australia, the world is my oyster, now, every day I discover new things and love the world wide web”

Christine Bray “Since I retired I've become an IT geek and spend most of my day socialising on the network. I love the interaction and enjoy competitions and games. Who'd have thought my family turn to me if they pick up a virus on line. I love solving problems and 'google how to correct them! ' I've even take a course and obtained my 'city a guilds in basic computer management ' !”

cecelia Allen “At 40 I was introduced to computers and was told that I was computer illiterate, it took me weeks to understand the basics. Over the years I have taught myself to repair the insides, replacing drives, adding bits, to problem solve and even reformatting. I am now 65 and my son & daughter in law, even though they are quite savvy, ring me when they have a problem, as does my sister,. I often have to talk them through to sort their computers out.”

Sue Hunt “My Husband (67) and I (60) use the Internet every day. We keep contact with family using social media, we make multiple purchases online and keep up to date with what's going on in the world. I have been researching our Family Tree using online databases and have made some lovely meals using online recipe sites. My Husband uses the Internet to assist him with his ongoing guitar lessons and has bought and sold many items using online auction sites. We're proper 'silver surfers' :)”

Sarah Parker “My dad is embracing the world of technology he has recently purchased an ipad and has been going for lessons at the apple store to make sure that he gets the most out of it!”

Dorothy “My husbands gone from techophobe to tech wizard in 5 short years. He's now built his own hi spec windows PC with wifi and all the latest software, his mail is linked to his tablet and iphone and he's turned our TV into a PC also, which records and stores and can be accessed from any of our TVs or PCs in the house. Amazing”

Frances Heaton “I nominate myself as the most 'tech savvy IAP'. As soon as I awake, the computer is switched on, and I am always online. Have bought magazines and done workshops in order to learn how to become more 'tech savvy'. Friends ask for advice on emailing, downloading apps, and all sorts of things. Enter lots of competitions on the net and have won some wonderful prizes. I love being tech savvy.”

Ellen Hewitt “I love the internet because it's kept me in touch with my grandchildren whether it's "face time" with them or doing background to their homework - I may or may not help them but I've enjoyed the studies from Romeo & Juliet to "the troubles in Northern Ireland", I've discovered new books from their English studies and even cupcake recipes for their class projects, it's great!x Ellen”

Catherine Corr “I'm the most tech savvy person because I found and entered this fab competition with no trouble at all! Now if only I could win it! My daughter would be so proud! Ha”

Chris Northrop “I am retired and use the web for information, competitions, price comparisons etc. It has helped me to save money and keeps me occupied throughout the day it helps me to exercise my brain to stop me becoming old before my time!”

Phyllis Beck “At first the tablets a I relied on for health were small, round and white but now it's black and 10 inches square. At 88 years old I can - speak to my daughter on Skype; order shopping; buy books; read books; see my grandson do a back flip on a snowboard; play Sudoku and Angry Birds is so addictive”

jeff valender “I nominate my father who has grown with the technology over these past 30 years.”

Joanna Smith “I nominate both of my parents! My sister had a baby last year but she lives out of the area. She insisted that they bought an iPad mini so she could Skype them and they could see their granddaughter. Now they're so savvy they have downloaded loads of apps and they tell ME all about the latest updates! Unfortunately, they squabble over it like children and I think to own one each would save their forty year marriage ha ha!”

jacqui Fleming “I'd like to nominate my 82 year old dad as he's taken to Twitter like a duck (pardon the pun) to water!”

Sue Weston “I nominate my mother-in-law who is 80 years young next week! She got a kindle fire last Christmas and now has her own email address and downloads apps and buys things online. She's very good with the scrabble app and is using another app to learn Spanish! ”

Barbara Handley “i started using the internet to find paternal relatives after my father died and I realised I did not know of any family on his side. I now have family around the world and keep in touch by email and Facebook. Having moved into sheltered accommodation I am trying to set up the internet in the communal lounge so I can introduce other over 60's to the joy of computers.”

Rebecca Duffy “I am nominating my dad Thomas Duffy (70) as the most tech savvy IAP as a couple of years ago we all used to joke he about how he didnt even have a mobile phone, now he has a mobile and borrows my Laptop! His favourite is going to look for old songs from his past on the net and Internet shopping! But we are going to set him up on a social networking site soon as he says he wants to try and connect with some old friends, if they're still around he said! :) I think this is great for someone who didnt even know how to turn a laptop on 2 years ago!”

Angela Sandhu “I nominate my mum as she is 65 years old and bought herself an iPad about 3 years ago and now she loves it. A few years ago she wouldn't have gone near one as she has always considered herself as not being computer literate. But now the grandkids think she is a cool grandma as she has an iPad and a decent Smartphone. She is now always on the lookout for new apps and gadgets. Mum has now joined Facebook and is always on Skype and Facetime. Always on eBay and loves watching SkyGo on her devices.”

Joan Marshall “My husband, who is 68, spends a large chunk of his day using his computer, smart phone or tablet. He also builds our home computers and repairs them when they go wrong.”

Emma Baker “My Grandson, stated that he'd started up his electronic's business through the open world of the 'World' wide web. he amazingly boosted his business through promotions and blogs and business outreach aspects such as his business cards he'd showed me on his visit. I don't have a 'Smartphone..What's his name thing.. I don't understand them. So I don't use 'Apps' - probably something to ask the grandson about. My grandson has helped me create an 'Facebook' account, its a bit tricky but I've be able to get in contact with my two beloved brothers through social media. It was very helpful. Now I'm investing in a blackberry phone for me to use sitting in my grand chair, might need some assistance in learning all the bits and bobs.”

Lynda Jones “I am a pensioner and since I have found the internet there is so much to do. I use the internet to play bingo, enter competitions, keep up to date with my extended families lives (Facebook). Keep in touch with families for free (Skype), Save money (MSE) and shopping is a breeze I could go on and on and on everything I need it just at my finger tips. I don't have time for the telly anymore. We are lucky to live in an age when we have such things. I have a desk top, tabled and android phone. Booked a cruise on line this year but I am definitely taking my tablet with me”

Petra Beck “I nominate my friend Richard Faulkner (age 62). He goes nowhere without his ipad and android phone. Entertainment and communication in his house are fully networked - for example, he can control his downstairs cable box via the ipad onto the upstairs TV, don't ask me how. He is constantly online, researching for his hobbies, browsing, comparing and shopping. Of course his printer is on wireless so he can access it from anywhere in the house. He has even planned and designed his kitchen on his laptop using a 3D graphics package!!”

Sue James “I nominate my husband Alan who will be 69 this year, he enjoys everything to do with the latest technology. For some time now he has run and updated a local Residents Association website. This keeps up to 11,000 people in touch with what is going on in our area.”

Marie “I am going to nominate my mum. (She's somewhere in her 60's!!) Since receiving a Kindle Fire she has been skyping myself and my brother who lives overseas endlessly. We both receive random photos when she is out and about, it's all good fun! She's annoyed at herself for not getting a iPod touch when my dad did, but she loves her kindle and is now looking to upgrade her phone so she can surf the net whilst waiting for appointments rather than reading those 'terribly old fashioned magazines' My dad, bless him, is trying to keep up. He does love all the weird and wonderful meals she finds on the web to spice up their meal times! ”

Solange “I nominate my mum who has her own e-mail address, Facebook page and is even on Twitter. She can even Skype the grandkids”

ANN DOWMAN “I am 76 years old and have been using a PC for many years. Now I have an iPad mini and an iPhone! I have made purchases and booked holidays. I do all my banking on-line. ”

ANN DOWMAN “I am 76 years old and have been using a PC for many years. Now I have an iPad mini and an iPhone! I have made purchases and booked holidays. I do all my banking on-line. ”

Paul Bernard “All the usual stuff: use Skype, social media, mobile and fixed internet, internet radio at home and when travelling, do the bulk of my shopping and banking online. Striking back at incipient mental atrophy have taught myself HTML, written several websites, some directly in HTML and using my own internet domains. Current projects are teaching myself Java as well as learning more HTML. 65 this month; happily bald; enthusiastic senior bus pass user.”

VANESA SMITH “I nominate Big Grandad who at 94 has just booked plane tickets online to fly down and visit his family. He has also bought a tablet so that he can check his emails while he is on holiday with us. ”

Zoe “My mum is a 65 year old whizz. She never gets into a fizz. From booking tickets to watching cricket wickets, she can download it all. She can navigate the web way better than Spider-Man, thumbs up for the great nan! YouTube, Twitter and facebook, she's on them all with more friends than Zoe ball. ”

rachel “My grandparents are 87 and 88 respectively, and their hands were forced when one of their sons and grandchildren moved overseas. Hello skype, hello email, hello laptops. Learning all of that at 80 is pretty impressive to me! I hope I'm as openminded when I reach their ages.”

Richard Lodge “When I was younger an apple and a Mars a day helped you work, rest, play and kept the doctor away now I use the Apple Mac to get the same effect”

Nicola stott “My mother has surprised me with her technology use. Started off with her Doro phone with huge buttons:) takes about 2 minutes to find the correct letters on her keyboard but if she's "got her readers on " she's a whizz on Facebook!! ”

Lisa Waugh “My nomination is for my mother in law who is 88. She learnt how to use internet when we bought her a laptop. She now is looking after my dog and sends daily updates with photos. I may get her to write a blog.”

Ruth Calcott “I have a computer and a mini iPad which I carry everywhere - it is my life! My diary, internet, email, Facebook, encyclopaedia, music centre, books and games console. I check information for myself and friends and fellow residents ask me for help with their computers. My family and friends are scattered so emails, Facebook and Skype keep me in touch. I use the iPad to write various documents. I would be totally lost without it now. The most exciting thing has been finding old friends (meeting one this week) and doing family history. ”

Eileen Atkinson “Seven novels of mine were published, the first at age 60. Following this I did an OU degree and managed to get this in time for my 80th birthday. I am now trying to shorten one of my out-of-print books for a magazine serial. I couldn't have done any of this without my computer. My 90 year old gentleman friend Skypes me every day. I use Skype a lot. I am 83 years old and my life would be very sad and lonely without my computer. Eileen”

Kathleen Lund “I use a laptop, e reader, an in pad and tablet to keep in touch with friends and relatives in Australia, US, Canada and Norway. I play games across the world. I use my Ipad to book holidays, take out travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, learn Spanish and prepare work for Master's degree students with whom I conduct mock interviews in person. I am a cancer buddy for the Lymphoma Association and the local hospital and it is a good way of staying in touch with people undergoing treatment for cancer. I am an e campaigner for Macmillan Cancer support. I have recently set up an email account for my 90 year old husband .”

Ian Taylor “The Internet is a great invention ; it is easy to get information on an enormous number of topics, ideas and inventions. I have lived and worked in 10 countries, and it is a simple matter to obtain info. on any of these countries, as well as to contact friends, companies and agencies in any of the countries. I am a singer, and before the internet began it was often difficult to get the lyrics of many songs ; today the lyrics and other data re. many thousands oi songs can be obtained in a short time ; previously I had to consult books to learn the words of certain songs, ---- I spent many hours consulting library books to obtain certain lyrics,, and the lyrics of certain songs coulfd not be found. Today it is a simple matter. using the internet, to obtain the words of any song in English. I used to be a lecturer in chemistry, and from time to time need details re. some chemicals ....the last one was a particular acid used in some medicines,---I did not find any book having the info. I wanted, ------using the internet, the details were obtained in about 5 minutes. ”

Lesley Wearn “My wife Lesley, Has an iMac, iPhone, iPad minii, Kindle Fire and a PS3. She uses them all on a daily basis, and joins her sons and grandchildren on the internet to play on line games. She amazes everybody on what she does, and the grandchildren are so proud of her, and say she is 'one very tuned in lady' for her age. You should never reveal a ladies age, so around the big seven o, is enough said. She also, always checks with me to make sure she has the most up-to-date versions of software for all her gadgets, just in case the automatic updates have not worked correctly. One very proud husband, father and grandfather”

David Bull “I am a young 79 this year. I have an iphone and use all the functions on it the same as I do on my laptop. On my computer I bank online, pay my insurances, car tax and renew my car licence, surf the net, skype, play games such as chess etc.etc. Before retiring I used to use Quickbooks accounting for our small shop. I have now downloaded Learning Ladder CD-Rom and help my 6/7 year old granddaughter with her education. I am also on Facebook, Twitter and recently joined LinkedIn. I also have been re-united with old school friends thanks to my knowledge of computers and my daughters who have helped me and said 'Dad your have got to be with it'. Not bad for a nearly 79 year old? The bones creak a bit these days but I can still do what the youngsters do but a bit slower....”

Terry Phillips “I have just got my first Ipad use it for entering competitions”

nazir ahmed “My father aged 77 is totally uneducated through no fault of his own, has led a fairly tech free lifestyle, however has on his own initiative learnt to use the old laptop I gave to him. After a few basic lessons he has now become almost glued to the internet constantly surfing websites on holidays that he can never afford but in his own words"at least I can now day dream just by looking at images that make him feel as if he is really there, thanks to the internet. He is now teaching my 70 year old mother.”

Tom Tait “I am 68 years old and became internet and smart phone savvy in my early 60's, and now constantly use these tools to send an receive emails, access the internet, facebook and twitter to keep in contact with friends and family, and develop various projects, arranging holidays and trips, obtaining army veteran updates and keeping up to date with the news etc. I am currently selling and buying a property, arranging long holidays, compiling a family ancestry tree with a heavy need to access data from all sorts of websites in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. When the opportunity arises I encourage others to become IAPs and try to help my grandson to find interesting websites that may help him to develop a career.”

philip fielding “It has taken some time to get to grips with my computer and the internet but now it is both enjoyable, functional and a companion. It helps with day to day shopping and sorting my finances. However most importantly it is company for in a strange way. As well as this I can keep in touch with my relations abroad as if they were still in th UK, this is great for me. I now dont know how I would manage without my computer even though I originally said that I didnt want anything to do with this technology. How wrong I was and I am happy to admit it. Anyone retired should have a go, its not that hard and you will be amazed how much fun you can have. In fact I would now like to increase my knowledge and am considering further tuition so I can expand my skills to do things I havent yet tried. New experiences are always worthwhile at ANY age.”

David Canning “In the modern internet age, it allows me to keep in contact with my son who lives abroad. We can have face to face conversations without the costly phone bills. It has also enabled me to trace my family history and contact distant relatives from all around the world. Something that would undoubtedly have been an impossible task for me before the the internet”

Brian Cross “Since retiring from McCarthy & Stone in 2006, after resisting the p.c. I finally got one, plus a printer. Armed with "Windows Vista for Dummies" and a little previous knowledge I later got onto Windows 7 and now book holidays (or check holidays before booking elsewhere) and bank on-line. I check Facebook and commit photos to dvd. I also "burn" cd's for myself and family. All at age 67 and largely self-taught. ”

Penny Lambert “I'm 63 and through trial and error I now have and use daily an iPhone iPad and computer. I FaceTime family and friends bank on line, search cash back sites, look on Facebook, find apps only free ones being on a pension, make lists, listen to radio 2 just a few of the things I have found to do on my gadgets ”

gillian york “2 years ago, age 68 had my first lesson on a computer. Now I keep my brain active doing competitions, even have a dabble on facebook. I have had a go at twitter. Done some online ordering as well. Now I'm 70 and having a go at this. One day I hope to learn about Pinterest. Got a blackberry phone as well, don't understand everything but I'm willing to have a go.”

Mrs Geraldine Stafford “I have a personal computer which I use several times a day to answer e mails ,do all my online banking,order any store shopping my Sainsburys shopping each week on line, see my friends on twitter and facebook keep up to date with the daily and local news, look at the weather each day. I would be really lost without it now,i also did all my Christmas shopping on line without going out to the shops it was great and fun too. I am 70 years old ”

john Hansen “I am 70 years of age and am able to use PC daily that has opened up a new way of life for us, we use it for finding best deals, also be able to find best meal places, hotel deals,holidays destination. We have our son in Denmark and one in Vietnam, friends in Canada we are able to keep up to on daily basis how they are and the children. we are able to use pc for accounts, finding best deals for insurance,gas and electricity best deals. Facebook have made us keeping in contact with friends all over the world. Able to read news papers electronic daily saving a fortune.”

Terry Stubbings “Terry Stubbings At the age of 68 I could not live without my gadgets. Currently I own two ipads, and iphone 4s, a PC and I have just bought a smart TV. The PC I have built myself and regularly update components to ensure it is as up to date as possible. After my morning dog walk, at least an hour is spent catching up on e-mails, and facebook, before reading my local paper online. I use cloud to ensure my favourite music and photos are available on whichever gadget I am using, and even bought a new car last year because of its media interface which I can use my iphone on. I skype regularly to a friend in Hunstville Alabama and organise my finances through the bank's App. Finally, I relax for an hour or two most nights by playing my favourite FPS games, of which I have a good collection. I nearly forgot, I also play scrabble and Poker on my ipad. ”

Freda Bone “Like many I'm an oldie, Well past it (So I'.m told) The folks who pass these rude remarks, are younger, cheeky bold. They think they know the answers I can teach them quite a bit. I may be fat and o'r the hill But my brain is very fit. I like to surf (I don't get wet) I can do it in a chair. I contact friends and talk to them The words go floating through the air. My bank is just a breath away I contact them all time O yes I'm old, well eighty one But I feel I'm in my prime. I could go on but I haven't the time So many thing to do. So I'll just wish other surfers God's blessing to all of you. ”

granpenny “I'm 63 and use an iPhone,iPad and computer. I love taking photo's of my family posting some on Facebook but most of all posting them to my Daughter in Australia for my four Grandchildren to see their cousins. I FaceTime them weekly and also friends all over the country. I put my weekly shopping list on my phone day by day so I don't forget any thing,use the maps when we go on trips out.I bank on line ,and compare prices on loads of things and use cash back sites.oh! and my Grandson thinks I'm great at understanding sky rim!!! It's a game on x of all for me is I can now write to people like you, because I left school with no qualifications could not spell very well now I have spell check.”

Andrea Carre “Through the internet I have been able to keep in touch with friends in other countries on a daily basis. Skype enables me to talk face to face with my son. He is autistic and lives in a small rural community a long way from home, but being able to see me, rather than just hearing my voice, keeps him happy and aids his communication. My computer has become an integral part of my daily life, and I love it.”

Lyn burgess “First of all I am 61. For me, Skype has improved my life so much. I have 3 baby granddaughters, living too far away for me to visit often. We do Skype regularly, and I get the most wonderful waves and Hello Nanna from the oldest, 3 tomorrow, and the twins just look and smile. This is important to me in so many ways. Obviously, I can see hoe they are growing, but also, I feel that I am truly known by them, not just a voice on the end of the phone. I can give advice, if asked, and we can read one-another's faces for what isnot being siad. I am able to see that all is well, and also, my son can see that I am well, as he can't visit often. When we do meet up, I am not a stranger to the children, and I feel part of their life”

Graham Wilson “I am the most savvi I know. At 61 I use all of the new tech. From having my own blog, to banking, downloading apps to my phone and tablet and keeping in touch with the kids on skype. I love all the new stuff and embrace it.”

david west “I use my PC every day, Always check my online bank account so I don't go into overdraft. Use EMAIL and spend at least an hour on it. I go into my FACEBOOK A/C to comment on certain subjects and read what my friends have posted. I also read the news online. I enter x number of surveys daily and enter/complete various comps”

Patricia Bennison “At 85,(86 in May), I doubt if I am the oldest person using a com who has puter, but I think I must be one of the people who has benefited most from using it since I started at 80. Living in a small village with no shopping facilities, I am able to do my shopping online, and it is so easy ordering Christmas and birthday presents without trawling round the shops. I have also started online banking. I am able to email my friends in the UK and keep in touch with relatives in Australia, Hong Kong and the USA - and I find Google most useful should I need any information or knowledge. What a joy it is to live now, when all this is available at the touch of the fingertips!”

Fred Sweeting “Having retired early in 2006 I decided to continue using my IAP skills to help other local people (both pensioners and younger people) to set up and maintain their IT equipment. Having learned on the job over many years as an accounting professional I have always been comfortable with working with computers and operating systems. I work completely on a voluntary basis as I both enjoy and obtain satisfaction from helping in this way. I have helped local people by reinstalling operating systems onto older computers thereby alleviating the need to purchase a new one. I have also helped older people who have bought Kindles etc in setting them up on WiFi. I also let my grandchildren use my computer (under supervision of course) and I don't think it will be long before they are more expert than me!”

Sylvia Trotman “After retiring 12 years ago I thought that I would probably never use a computer again however when I saw all my friends using iPads and iPhones I decided that I would buy myself an iPad. I haver never regretted it . I can keep in touch with everyone, check all my ailments and find out what is really wrong with me Check my accounts and savings, I even obtained a Court of Protection order for my friend without the aid of a solicitor. The tablet is invaluable to me. There is a downside though I have to make sure that I don't spend too much time on it as I have a 3 acre garden to keep in order! ”

Audrie Fickus “I am 86 and could not manage without my computer in fact have just bought a new one. There isn't much one can do without it now. arrange insurance. Find transport, find a builder,Bank ,pay bills, shop. Skype relatives . buy clothes . Check the weather. Mostly help me feel less lonely, and check McCarthy properties!”

Lesley Shawyer “I started a b and b when I was 65 years old with ab agent who would telephone me with bookings. After three years I realised this was not the way to go forward. Therefore I contacted Trip Advisor and have never looked back. The communication between people all over the world with enquiries etc has opened up a new world for me - which I thoroughly enjoy. My son living in Bangkok makes communication also so much easier - especially with Skype - what a joy seeing my grandson growing up. ”

gary wilson “my mother is 70 years old and know nearly as much as me about computers,she knows how to download,convert movies and burn them to cd/dvd and de-bug her mother also uses a new smartphone which she texts,emails and surfs the net on. She is planning on purchasing an ipad to take on her next holiday.”

Moira Reddie “I would like to downsize in my area and McCarthy&Stone are about to build there. We spend as much time as possible in Spain because I suffer badly from arthritis and the heat helps. We love being in Spain and we have great friends here but I want a really nice place to come back to when I am in the UK and I really miss my old friends so I have to skype, faceTime and Facebook them! My husband uses a Microsoft based tablet (surface) as he needs to keep golf scores - ie he can use excel! I use an ipad. When I worked I was never an Apple fan but I don't need to use the same apps now - it all becomes very basic when you retire - (hee hee)! My big problem is not being able to print from my ipad - I would really like to print some of the pics my friends and family send to put on my walls in Spain - this is where Apple is a real problem! I never thought I'd say this but I'd really like to get set up in Spain with everything we need to print family pictures etc - I have to wait 'til I get back to UK to print and my PC there is on its last legs - a bit like me!!! Help - we need upgrading!”


Ian Wright “My income is derived from two pensions in South Africa. Every month these pensions are paid into a South African bank - which I access via the Internet - and every few months I email this bank and instruct them to electronically transfer some funds into my Internet only UK bank. I have other Internet based savings accounts which I draw on via three credit cards. We have family living in Switzerland and every week we email each other with our news and then generally on Sunday night, I Skype our daughter and have a good face-to-face chat. I have a Smart phone which I use for telecommunications only. I also keep in touch with our world-wide friends via Facebook and email. Most of my shopping is done on-line which is then delivered to me or I collect from a pick-up point. I use Google for any new information I am seeking and find it tremendously useful. My life has been transformed by the Internet and I don't think I could exist without it. Kind regards, Ian Wright.”

Ali Large “I would like to nominate my 84 year old Mum in Law - Eileen Large who is just fantastic for all the reasons below. Namely, despite being registered blind having suffered from macular degeneration 4 years ago, she has embraced technology and has been a complete inspiration! She works on the computer, emailing and on the web using the 4sight software for the blind which reads out her typing and her emails so she can stay in touch with her friends and importantly, her beloved grandchildren. She works on a Kindle downloading audio books for her own entertainment, using her 4sight 'reader' to help her understand the instruction manual. She will text and try to read papers using electronic magnifiers. Eileen may have lost her sight but by engaging and learning to work with new technology she has found new ways to communicate with the outside world and admits whilst it's challenging for her, it's fun too! She truly has been an inspiration for us all and long may she continue to be so. ”

Keith Ripley “I was a techno phoebe until a year ago and my missus got me a laptop so I could watch my Bolton Wanderers matches online. It spurred me on to use it for FaceTime so I can now talk to my son daily in Thailand, email him information, order my goods for my small holding and all without leaving my front room. It's saving me a fortune in petrol, phone calls and wear and tear on my van. I wish I'd learned years ago.”

Mark “I am 78' and have used the internet for dealing with my bank account,searched for home and car insurance,and use e mail to keep in contact with friends. Finally, I used the computer for online dating, and through this medium I have found a new love in my life”

carmelina taplin “I just love my laptop and my ipad, they have opened up a whole new world for me and I have a digital camera too so i can load photos and send them to my friends and relatives all over the world. I use Wikepedia and every time I have a question in my head I can get instant answers on people, places and things. I went to Africa, Tanzania for 3months to help my cousin who is a doctor out their and also a nun, and I thoroughly enjoyed helping her and bought a book, on line and began learning Swahili, and to my delight I found the language very similar to my own Maltese. Whilst out their I dislocated my artificial hip, which was very painful, but my cousin Mary quickly phoned the air ambulance which was a two seater plane and at the controls was a catholic priest. I was so disappointed at giving my cousin so much trouble, but as I had my laptop with me I was able to help her up date the hospital report with statistics etc., she would bring me avocados straight from the trees as they were plentiful, and in exchange I would give her my usb stick with all the up to date figures, straight from my hospital bed. I have shopped on line and buy everything on line, books, cosmetics etc. it is a wonderful new world and I can communicate with my three sons, seven grandchildren and 7 brothers and sisters all over the world, in an instant.”

Paul Bowcher “My mother, Isobel Bowcher, has owned a Pc for many years and has recently invested in a new Ipad Air. She uses it for banking, email, online shopping and general internet surfing but probably the most important aspect for her is Skype, using it to keep in contact with her other son, my brother, who now lives in Texas and relations in Australia. She has recently discovered Facebook and although she doesn't post comments she uses it to keep abreast of what friends and family are doing and more often than not informs me of what is going on in the family. Voice input, particularly in Google is also much appreciated! Internet technology has provided the means for someone living alone to keep in touch with family and friends, keep mentally active and become tech savy......not bad for an 89 year old! ”

Robert Robinson “When you don't know the answer to a question it's marvellous to be able to google it.”

Les Gill “I am in internet fanatic. My wife and I travel to the continent a lot with our caravan and I always take my laptop so that I can keep up to date with my e mails and to enable me to access my bank accounts whilst abroad. We need to transfer money to different accounts and we need to keep an eye on our balances so that we can enjoy our holiday without the worry of "Can we afford it!!!!!". At home I use my desk top computer for downloading music as I play the guitar and sing in a duo. I also have a mobile phone that allows me to use apps. Great fun being on line.”

Sue Stevens “My Dad - Jim Taylor is 83 this June. He has a laptop, Android tablet, and an android phone. He uses all 3 for emailing, texting and Skyping other members of the family! He does get technical support from his son in law- my husband but does really well to embrace all this technology and use it for shopping, banking, downloading music, emailing friends and family as well as surfing the net for sport, family history and various websites that he subscribes to. He also talks to his grandson and granddaughter and other members of the family and his friends on Facebook! Not bad for someone who left school at 14!!”

mrs Melinda Whalley “Melinda Whalley I use the computer to keep in contact with my 4 children their spouses and my 4 Grandchildren. They all live in San Francisco America. I am able to see them all the time by Skype, Facebook and the internet. I do not know what I would do without this technology, it keeps us all so close. I also use the internet to buy things and to book Holidays. My next birthday present will be an I Pad hopefully. ”

shirley moore “I am 69 years old. I buy and sell on EBay and love it! I email and accesss web sites to get the best deal on insurances, energy etc also doing it for my husband, brother and cousin who are unable to use a PC. I transfer photos to my PC and have access to the latest news. ”

Margie Golby “learning to use the Internet and signing up to Facebook has quite simply taken the loneliness away. It has also given me a great sense of personal achievement & I would recommend it to anyone ”

Kenneth Stockton “This is me, Kenneth, I runour village website, see and I gave up reading The Times as a paper and instead I read it on either my Kindle or my Laptop. I bank on the internet and I have booked flights to Berlin and also a hotel via the internet just as I did last year when I went to Barcelona. I also regulatly purchase goods from Amazon, John Lewis etc. and arrange my car tax, driving licence, passport etc all through the internet. I am 84 years of age and I am still living alone in a bungalow in a village which is 12 miles from local market towns and I hope to stay here for at least two more years before moving into a McCarthy & Stone development.”

Joseph Watson “My wife and I have laptops that we use to keep in touch with relatives in Australia and France - I also use mine to enter lots of competitions, no really big prizes to date but I keep my fingers crossed.”

Ian Hamilton “Now retired and armed with a farewell gift of a laptop I am proudly gaining my new goal as that of 'The Great Unpublished Scots Novelist'. Presently I am in the process of syncing my tablet and mobile phone to my computer - I must be able to write when the 'Muse' takes me. And if the book industry should choose to ignore me...well, it's just as well I am converting 'The Great Novel' to Kindle format so that I might self publish. Pulitzer here I come!”

jackie shipley “I do a lot of shopping on line, all our finances and book holidays. I own an ipad, laptop and android phone and use them all for various tasks. I have used my laptop for courses and consider it invaluable for doing research. I also play games on my phone with people in Malaysia, California and Melbourne Australia! ”

Lyn Williams “I am 62 and do all my banking online and also monitor my credit cards online. I use Both tablets and laptops and use Linux as my main operating system because it is fast and Free. I keep a track of my financial position via a spreadsheet stored on a cloud server so I can access it from any of my machines wherever I am. My hobbies are Photography and Astronomy and various computer programmes are used extensively for picture enhancement and star tracking /astro photography. My computer is my right arm,in use daily for information,news and keeping in touch wherever I am in the world!”

Mrs. Angela Mayes “I never buy anything now before looking on the internet for price and availability both local and nationaly. I send and receive reminders of meetings and outings the day before lest we " FORGET " It,s an age thing ”

Shirley Leitch “ My lap top is on all the time, I love it. I can plan colour schemes for my home look at web cams around the world, look inside houses that are for sale!! Hundreds of other things too. I use it for banking, emails, have all my insurance documents on line, have no paper bills now. I love being able to keep up with family and friends on facebook, and have made contact with long lost relatives. I am able to "see" my family in USA and chat as if we are in the same room. I also belong to a forum and have made many friends on there who I speak to daily. We have had 3 big "meetings" and found we like each other in the flesh as much as online. I book all our holidays on line. Enter competitions, do the lottery, I do so much shopping on line too. I keep my knitting patterns there too, plus lots of documents. My photos are on my laptop too and I am trying to scan my old ones gradually onto it. I play a scrabble game with friends using, lap top , phone or my tablet. There are plenty of games to play to keep my mind active, if I have time! So many times I see things on tv that I want to know more about,and can do this immediately as my laptop is always on. I learn new things every day. My phone is always with me and when we go away my tablet comes too. My books are all on my Kindle. I wonder what on earth I did without all my gadgets! I would be lost now without them.”

Jackie Parker “When Dad died ten years ago, my Mum, Joyce Green, was 81 and had never used a computer. She decided to get to grips with Dad’s old PC, but soon decided that it was far too old and slow for her, and bought a new one. She enrolled for a beginners course, and was soon emailing relatives all over the world. She enjoyed using her digital camera, and discovered the joy of shopping online. She keeps in touch with her grandchildren by text. Since my Grandmother lived to 101, who knows what changes Mum, now 91,will embrace before she’s finished!”

Jane Mansfield “The internet has opened up the world to me. Before I would never be able to keep in contact with with my old uni friends but not we are reunited. I struggled at first but now I am a complete wizz! ”

John Hillier “My wife and I are both over seventy and each year we spend ten to twelve weeks during the winter in Spain. With the use of the Internet we book our first week before we arrive and then decide where next checking best prices on the web. We use Internet banking and have a Fairfx card that we can top up as the exchange rate moves in our favour. We talk to our kids and other members of the family by Skype and Maureen uses my Facebook page to keep up with the families postings. We might start a travelloge of our journeys.”

jeannette kelly “l am retired and use a laptop which l wouldn't be without, l have a windows phone and kindle hd and regularly use facebook to keep in touch with family and friends.l do online banking as well as researching my family history online with Ancestry. ”

Hilary Carroll “We bought our Mum, Thelma Carroll her first Ipad for her 80th birthday. She is now 82, and has taken to it like a duck to water, swiping away at every opportunity. Her favourite thing is playing "Words with Friends" with her daughter in America - they chat as they go along, and it makes the long distance so much shorter! Keeping in touch with her brother in New Zealand is also so much easier with technology. The best thing for her is being able to help others in her Sheltered Housing to do their shopping online. How Savvy is that!”

John Allen “Hello, My wife and I have saved money by using the comparison sites when choosing energy suppliers and insurance [eg: car, home], by buying holidays [eg: buying a flight, renting an apartment, hiring a car], by buying train tickets, theatre tickets, etc. The internet is GREAT for us! Best wishes, John & Lindsay Allen.”

Eileen Cooper “I have designed and run 3 websites, i have a facebook page for myself plus run a page for Shenley Lodge Retirement Village. I am always available to help anyone at the Lodge with problems they have with pc or mobile. I am always on the web use it for shopping, research booking holidays, reading reviews on places we will visit. Finding the best price for fuel etc. I have ipod, iphone and ipad. I love technology in all its forms always wanting the newest and best. I use Facebook and Skype to keep in touch with family in NZ and here in the UK. I am online more than off. I also use my website to raise money for cancer research asking for donations via there giving pages. When I'm out I always look for free web access equally when booking my holiday the accommodation has to have free web access. ”

BILL LINDSAY “I was called up to the RAF in July 1949 and being trained as a Teleprinter operator. I became used to the keyboard of a computer,. therefore at the age of 83 i still enjoy messing around with the internet.-”

Marion Weir “On Behalf of Robert Weir (65) I am sending this to let you know about my Husband. He is 65 and is never off the internet. In fact I can't remember what it was like in our house BI (Before Internet). He keeps up to date with news articles. He sends, receives and replies to emails. Posts, and replies to posts, on F/B and twitter. He streams music and videos, catches up on tv programmes. Shops and compares prices online. Edits photos and stores them on his portable drive. Is always altering photos and captioning them. He plays games on the internet. He has a smartphone and uses it when out and about, only goes to shops or cafes that have free wifi. He keeps up to date with gadget reviews and wants all the latest technologies, not practical when you are on a basic pension lol.”

albert oxley “Instead of sitting in the garden reading a novel or the newspaper getting plenty of vitamin D as medical advise suggests I am now stuck indoors on my computer,how about that for a change in lifestytle?”

Mrs. Pamela Webb “Since retirement I took several courses in the early days when the Government were sponsoring these and obtained my City of Guilds certificates in IT Principles, Word Processing, Powerpoint, Desktop Publishing, Internet and E-mailing. I followed this up with private courses on digital photography and photograph manipulation, and now have joined a computer self help group which meets once a month and which troubleshoots and keeps our group up to date. The group is part of the University of the Third Age and we meet at a school who has kindly given us the use of a room for this purpose. I also have joined another self help group and we ironed out any problems on an informal basis. On more than one occasion I have given a presentation at these meetings to help others gain more knowledge from mine, and similarly other members of the group do the same. Although I was quite happy with my word processing typewriter when I first retired my life is much more interesting as I can always find information from the internet or buy or sell things on E-Bay, and with most of us elderly people de-cluttering this opportunity is marvellous and can be done from my own study. However, having said that I am not into smartphones and applications as my life really does not have the need for these, so my limitations remain with my desktop computer which I would not now wish to be without. Most of my contemporaries at on the "net", as of course are the whole of the up and coming generation of my family. With one grandson studying in South Korea, and another in Southampton it is lovely to feel able to look at Facebook and see what they are doing and make comments at their activities. Also with a daughter and her family living in America my husband and I can Skype and chat to her at any time of the day without extra charges. What more could one ask for. Indeed it is lovely to be able to check out any purchases beforehand to see the best deals especially in energy, car and home insurance, and indeed when looking to buy a new car or home. I consider myself to be as "tech savvy" as most when it comes to the computer. Life is good with this technology.”

Heather Thomas “I believe my husband Robin is the most switched on IAP I know. He uses IT like a old friend. He does our banking, books holidays, surprises i.e. flowers, orders wedding presents and is his main form of keeping up to date with what is happening in the world. As an ex printer he likes his IT gadgits Laptop, Apple Mac and produces tickets and posters for charity events for the Huntington's Disease Association. He is my "IT Whizz King"”

Keith Herdman “I am 91. use my PC for correspondence,banking, photograph enhancement and painting, and Dropbox for passing photos between my PC, tablet and iPhone. I have Planespotter and Shipspotter apps. on my PC and iPhone. A A while ago some of my son's friends expressed an interest in my five year wartime RAF service in the UK, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Italy and Greece, and I sent twelve of them 59 Emails over a period of six months. I get books from Kindle on my tablet. ”

James Cox “Wife says I spend to much time on the net, well I might do and I will be 72 soon”

Brian Williams “Ive been into computers since THE SINCLAIR ZX81, and have bought and used every generation since. I also used the Www since the day it was first launched. I have a Pc. A laptop, and a tablet and use them for my normal daily admin. Including banking.”

Betsy Self “Iorignally had my own business as a property lawyer and had staff who dealt with all things computer. I could just about use one. When I retired I was asked to do some locum work and had to quickly learn to use all sorts of systems in dif ferent offices which I did quite easily. Now completely retired I have both a tablet, a laptop and a desk computer and use them all at different times for all sorts ot things, shopping, insurances utilities etc. etc. My sons are very proud of me at 74 as most of their friends mothers are completely computer illiterate. Must admit I am quite proud of myself too. most of my shopping on line”

Joan Brocklehurst “I bought an IPad last year and it has transformed my life.I am on Facebook most of the time and have more than 400 friends all over the world. We have groups for recipes, party nights, lost and found dogs and all sorts of other groups, we have a group where we all send postcards to each other, and just now we have a March Madness theme going on. We all sent a postcard to our"leader" who in turn posted one each to a club member. Now we are putting them up on line and we have to guess who sent which one!!!!. If I can not sleep I just log in and speak with friends who are In a different time zone, maybe Australia or America. You have no need to be alone and there is always someone to listen to our little grumbles or worries. We are just like one huge very happy family. I also buy a lot on line and have opened a PayPal account, also which I use for sending donations to our Dog charities. We just had one member of one of the groups who needed a big operation for a rescue doggie. We donated gifts for an Auction and sold things, what with donations and the auction his heart operation was paid for. This story made the newspapers and we are all very proud to have been able to help. It is also useful for finding lost items or even people, when one person pups up a post, it is shared by all their friend, who share it with theirs, and so on...ooh yes I find it all very exciting and have even met a few if the friends I have made. Who knows where I many go next!!!! I have been invited to lots of places, from Germany to Australia...Watch this space....😃❤️”

Mrs Joan Watts “At 70 I took a course on computers at the local tech college. At the time I did not have a computer but passed the first two or three modules before I had one. I just loved the course and when it was finished immediately took one on Publisher. When I was 90 my children gave me an iPhone. As you can imagine, I was thrilled!! I have used this daily ever since for emails, weather, news, Facebook etc. It hardly ever leaves my side. I am now 93 in a couple of months and just WISH I had an iPad. My computer can't come everywhere with me and my iPhone is too small really to watch films and Utube on. I am so grateful to live in a technical age. As to the competition, one can but hope! ”

miss annamariavalente “My name is anna valente im definetly in to ipads and skype I have a word processing certifcate and I got my art certifcates online with the london art 63 and have been to clasess to...thanks anna valente”

Allan Astley-Morton “Age 68. Devices: Apple 27” iMac, Dell Windows PC, iPad, iPod (2nd gen), iPod (4th gen), Apple Airport Express, Kindle. Music is my hobby and much of the technology I use is music related. Apart from normal Internet use (shopping, banking, e-mail, Skype etc.), I use the iMac as the ‘engine’ of my home recording studio. Backing tracks are created and transferred to the iPod for performance use with my singing group, for which I have also created a website. The Airport enables music via Spotify to be played via the iPad through ceiling-mounted speakers in the bathroom.”

Karen Wright “My dad in his 70s has to have all the up-to-date gadgets he can find! He uses a Macbook air, iPad, iPhone, media ready 3D TVs and even gets on the Wii fit everyday too! He uses social media like Facebook and Twitter, and keeps up with blogs for his 2 rescue Lurchers. He regularly does online competitions and surveys too!”

Mrs C. Berrisford “Perhaps there should be a different category for over 80`s so I might have a better chance of winning! Most people in their nineties don`t seem to want to know, but of course even telephones gathered dust in my youth! Skype is super as are laptops.”

Mike Chalmers “I am an AMBCS (Associate Member of the British Computer Society, having attained level 3 ECDL in WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and ACCESS. I also have a level 3 in web design. I was a programmer for 14 years. I have a laptop for e-mail, research and general use. I also have a desk top computer (printing, scanning and archiving. ”

mary okane “Having to go from a world of fast paced work wonderful colleauges and clients at work to been unable to work and living alone. The world of the internet and technology has been a world of making life a bit more bearable and manageable for me. I have osteoarthritis and many back injuries from my job over the years as a nurse until the new laws from health and safety came in for people. I can amuse myself when I feel able to make arrangements shop keep in touch with family and friends and more importantly get the best deals online. Thank you world wide web you have made life a lot easier for me.”

Mike Smithson “Having just turned 60 and been into computers for the last 15/20 years it gives me great pleasure helping out the young ones when they have computer problems..they are quite amazed at just how much I know.”

Marian Hemming “Being a senior citizen and, disabled having Broadband has opened up a whole new world for me. I am now a "silver surfer "and loving it!”

Margaret Gardner “I only started using the computer, facebook and e-mail in my late 60, then in 2008 I went to the Gambia and started fund raising to build a nursery school. Now it take photos download them print them, use the computer to do talks etc talk to friends areound the world on facebook. Book holidays, train tickets, theatre tickets and days out. It has opened a whole new world for me.”


Rose Sheridan “I download music. Do my banking, shop, enter competitions, keep in touch with people. In fact everything a laptop was designed for! Have had my laptop for years now and I can even fix it when I have security problems or any problem where it does not work efficiently. Could not live without it. I help my younger sister with her laptop as she is not as savvy as me! Have won competitions via my laptop. I am 64 years old do not look it or feel it lol Viva La Internet I say. Greatest Educational tool EVER. Use my laptop every day and do not know what I would do without it. Use my credit card I suppose and pay it up (although would have to use my sisters laptop to find a bargain) lol You are never too old to learn new things.”

Mike Spencer “Keeping in touch and up to date are the most important things to do, for mankind if any age. Access to ipads, computers and phones is the way you do it !”

sylvia “The internet has opened a whole new world for me.I have connected with old friends through F/B. No more arguments as to who is right or wrong. I Google and get the definitive answer. I love to read the local and national news papers. I have found a way to exercise my mind. I love baking, and I have got some wonderful recipes on line. Mary Berry watch out. I could go on forever in praise of of the internet However, I will conclude with my last words. I now have a life. xxoo ”

AUDREY SPEARING “When watching my grandchilren clicking away on their PC, in 1998 I said I want some of that? So bought my first PC been clicking away ever since, have made so many friends all over the world re my hobby of Gardening, We correspond daily, re our planting problems or successes, friends in the antipedies are in Autumn mode while we are entering Spring, they are just getting up while we are going to bed we organise Quizzes exchange seeds and visit each others gardens, yes even in Australia. Tips and wrinkle are the same the world over.we share with each other,Oes, worlds expands at an alarming rate with a Pc I know I couldn't spend a day without chatting to my many many friends about our gardens. ”

Douglas Millard “I would not say I was tech savvy but I got my first computer (a laptop) when I retired last year and now I would not be without it. I can download pictures from my camera, use the internet, send and receive emails, keep up with the news and weather, shop for bargains, compare holiday prices and last week learnt to use Skype. I confess that I never dreamed that I would find it as easy or as useful as it has proved to be. In short if I can do it I think anyone could.”

yvonne hawley “I would not be without my laptop now it is so easy to look things up and to book theatre tickets etc on line. I fought hard against having one but it was the best thing l ever did”

Barbara Bennell “At 80 years of age, I could not live without my iPhone, iPad, computer and Apple Nano which my daughter bought me when she was in New York when they were first for sale to the public. My husband has no thoughts or patience with the computer, so I provide him also with h Tech. I up-graded my knowledge by attending Kingston Mauward College in Dorchester obtaining qualifications in Sage, accounts! Wages, website building, ECDL, qualifying in all, but unfortunately no one would employ me because they said "I was too old"!!! - sadly. So having all the time in the world, I do all our Banking, Internet shopping! Google everything, YTube everything and finally keep in touch with my son and grandson who live in Abu Dhabi by Skype - far better than knitting, oh! Yes and am now sitting Grade IV Piano to add to my many certificates. So I consider myself to be a No.1 tech savvy IAP?”

Margaret McGuire “I love my mini IPad for keeping up todate also in touch with mist of my friends and keeps the old brain well oiled with playing scrabble solitaire and other games especially keeps me away from watching to much tv also love the camera on The IPad last year I cruised and my photos from my IPad were fab also like my deals from groupon and itison ”

Diane. Porter “The Internet has changed my life. I buy clothes from my favourite stores, buy my groceries on line, shop on E-bay, see what my grandchildren are up to on Facebook. E-mail my friends, buy my shoes on line and best of all play lots of games and catch up on television programmes I have missed.”

Stephen King “With a name like mine (Stephen King) one might expect the occasional horror story, but when it comes to the internet far from it!. Ten years ago, aged 55, I wouldn't have given a thank you for a P.C, but now aged 65 , I love mine ......reason 5 years ago , I joined an internet dating site and success, meeting my now long term partner Joy, by name and nature, and are getting married next year!...p.s I recommend the site to my Son and Daughter, and they both are now married to people they met on the site !!!!!!!......SAVVY!!! x”

Colleen Robinson “Being on the internet has provided me with a whole new world of information that is easily accessible.”

Annie Clarke “A few years ago my mum Pat Sparks was a self confessed technophobe - then her Grandaughter moved to Australia - she quickly learned to email, Skype, text, shop and use Facebook! At nearly 80 she has amazed me how quickly she has picked up the lingo and her short cut texting makes me laugh! ”

Robin J Hooper “I am 72 may of my neighbours have asked for help, which I was able to offer. I ended up carrying out some voluntary work for Age UK showing groups and individuals how to use all aspects of laptop , pc,s i pad and tablets and digital cameras. I even produced my own DVD with video lesson to help them . I've now ended up showing other groups for free ages from 60 to 88 around 230 people in total many 1 to 1s and provide handouts with pictures all voluntary. bear in mind i have never been in the IT industry or any courses all self taught and enjoying helping other get the benefit ”

John Dayes “I am 70+ years of age with many medical problems, I have enjoyed my computer for many years, first at work and then at home. For the last few Christmases I have done all my shopping online. I use it daily for various tasks as does my wife who is involved with the local Link and Age UK. Now if we need something for the home etc. the internet is our first port of call, for major retailers and individuals. I think the internet is the way forward and more people will use it in the future. If you want to shop and it's not fine turn on the power and go online.”

pauline james “I would part with my cooker, washing machine ,car, husband, anything, except my laptop.”

Geoff Watson “Being aware of technology, skilled in the use of the internet, and seeing how that can help us older people, is vital to our place in the general population - there is so much out there through our laptops, tablets, phones and other devices to improve our lives and those of others and our younger counterparts. We let ourselves down if we don't make the effort!”

Elizabeth Osel “My partner said when I die he is going to put my ipad in the box with me I use it for facebook email and face time my friend I cant imagine my life without it. I would be lost ”

Sandra Carr “I would like to nominate myself, because no-one does it better. I started using the PC when I bought my son a complete system when he was studying Computer and Electronic engineering at Uni, thought if I was buying one, I might as well buy two and have a go. I was instantly smitten and have had a few new systems since, two Laptops and a Tablet. If I win, I would like an iPad mini and I would give it to my disabled grandson who is also pretty computer literate. Thank you.”

Julie Reece “My dad Ken is 85 years old and spends most of his time on the internet. He books flights, alters photographs and has found his family tree. He also spends time reading the obituaries to see who of his friends and family have died!! He started using the computer many years ago when he made a database of all his cassette tapes he had recorded from the radio!!! ”

Susan Jane Gray “My Mum has not got a computer. She keeps on saying she needs to get with the times. She loves reading the papers to keep up to date but I think she would benefit from an Ipad Mini. then she would have information at hand all the time. My son is the tech of the family but he isn't over 60. But he could show his Nan how to work it. I would be well jealous. XXX”

marjorie morris “Widowed 14 years ago I felt I would never get over my loss. I would endlessly surf the internet trying to escape from the despair. On one occasion a dating site popped up and out of curiosity I had a look. I wondered if I put my info in if anyone would be interested. To my surprise I ended up going on a couple of dates which boosted my confidence and got me out. I then met John who has turned out to be my best friend and 12 years on I am enjoying my life again in the countryside.”

Carolyn Skilling “I am now 70 and still in touch with young people through SKYPE and my e-learning website. The website was originally set up to enable young people with health issues to continue their learning. The majority of students are unable to attend mainstream schools or colleges because of their medical needs. On my retirement the system was taken over by Loughborough College and I remain a tutor of Psychology. I also teach children in care from home and also when on holiday. The internet remains an integral part of my life.”

June. Coles “Brought ipad last year age 71 best thing I ever did as iv'e never been into technology. It's opened up so many different avenue's for me to explore.”

Mrs Sandra Gray “The internet has opened up the World to me. I have been able to Skype in conference with my 2 sons abroad as if they were in the same room as me! My sister in Australia has a natter with me while having her bedtime drink as I have my cup of coffee in the mornings.... I need more space to write about shopping/holidays/friends made... no stopping me now :-)”

Dr George M Duthie “My 89 year old Dad had nothing to do with computers until 4 years ago. My brother went to the USA and took home an iPad. He didn't show much interest in it at first but now has his second iPad! He wish the better more modern upgrade! He regularly sends emails, He reads the Press and Journa and Times regularly online, especially when he's in Australia. He's in hospital just now and his i”

Rita Gonsalves “I sleep with my laptop beside my bed - what more can I say?”

CLARE BRATTON “My dad (61) he always helps to fix my laptop and reformats it when necessary I would be lost without him ”

Frances Heaton “At age 68, I have been surfing the net for over 15 years, and even remember fears about the Millennium Bug (which never happened!) These days I surf on a Macbook Pro, iPhone and tablet PC, and am always connected to the net. Apps which I have downloaded give me up-to-date weather reports, TV listings, Google Maps, Internet banking apps, and bar-code scanners to tell me the cheapest prices. I can spot all the scams, know how to solve most computer problems, and often help friends and relatives when their PCs misbehave. I embrace social media, and have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and enjoy entering competitions online. Through the years, my best prizes have been almost £2000 win with ITV Real Deal, a Warners Holiday break, Dualit toaster, television, and other prizes. I also complete surveys for several companies and earn shopping vouchers, cash and other rewards, keeping me busy. Would be totally lost without the internet, the computer is switched on within minutes of waking up. ”

mary hayler “I am 83 years old today. I use my laptop every day to contact my family,order clothes ,book rail tickets and find out the weather forecast before hanging out the washing. I use my mobile phone to text and send messages. I also have an ipad so that my grandchildren can show me where they live.”

Fay “My husband (Harry 84) helped my daughter to home educate my Grandson because he couldn't fit in at school. My Grandson taught himself to program at 8 and so my husband had to do the same to keep up with him. My Grandson is now 21 and reading computer at Cambridge so my husband's can do attitude really paid off and they still talk shop! ”


William Crozier “Before my computer I lost touch with many friends and family over the years, which I have been able to meet up with and keep in regular contact with. We can exchange pictures and memories that keep us feeling young at heart. The internet has enabled me, aged 65, to do more and get out more, as I can find local places to explore. If the weather isn't great I can stay indoors trace the family tree, unleashing family members I was not aware of in Australia. It keeps me up to date and intellectually stimulated.”

Mr K Homewood “I would like to nominate my wife who is 79 years old this year and keeps in touch with her son in the States on face book spends at least an hour a day on her family tree.”

Sheila Walker “When I retired in 2007 I said I would never have a computer at home as I had used one at work for 40 years. In the October of 2009 I relented and bought a laptop. I have never looked back. I book all my holidays online, do all my research before hand online. I have travelled to Japan, New Zealand, Australia and USA - all booked and researched online. I have also since January 2013 converted to online banking and all bills online thereby reducing the paper billing and hopefully saving trees. Also when the weather is bad and I cannot get out to the shops, I shop online. I can also keep in contact with family via Skype and that is great, just like being face to face. I do not know how I managed without one before.”

Mrs. A. Gibson “When my husband bought me a laptop, for Christmas, 3 years ago I thought, 'what a waste of money'. I told him I'd get him his money back and that's exactly what I've done! I enter 'free' competitions on the internet from magazines and I've won 3 lots of tables and chairs, 2 of which have been garden furniture. A kitchen, a bathroom, gift cards, a £1199 coffee machine just to name a few. I check out the prices for car and house insurance before renewing. I check all the interest rates for savings online too. You're never too old!! ”

Beryl Burroughs “Hello whilst at work I was always frightened of all the new technology that was being introduced. I had ago but was never comfortable with it. However, when I retired I realised how much I needed to be more computer literate. I brought a few books and taught myself. I use to look after an elderly lady (86) when I showed her what I was doing, she wanted to learn, mainly to stay independent. She learnt how to do Internet food shopping. I wrote her a sort of idiots guide of what to do and in a short time she was in touch with lots of her old friends. This gave me lots of satisfaction. I do hope I could win a mini iPad as it would be much smaller to take about with me. Regards BB”

Joyce Workman “I just love my smartphone with apps which facilitate free calls and messaging so that I can always be in touch with my daughter who lives in Oman. The internet now impacts on so many areas of my life that I cannot imagine living without it. The world is at my fingertips and I thoroughly enjoy embracing all its wonders as well as being able to speedily deal with the the more mundane day to day business concerns.”

margaret Harmer “Knowledge at your fingertips.I am always finding answers to questions so easily. Also for keeping in touch with the modern day world ”

Mark Truman “I'd like to nominate my mum (Wendy Truman aged 65) for being internet savvy, the main reason being my dad passed away in Feb 13. Before this date my mum had never used the internet, since then she has learnt how to use both Facebook and emails to help stay in contact with family and friends and posts regular photos using Facebook and is now about to buy an ipad. Regards, Mark”

Eileen Watkin “I love all this new technology I have a kindle, Ipad, and computer and use them all daily, I would hate to be without them.I think it is very important to keep up to date. I spend many happy hours on one or the other. i feel if the time ever comes when I am unable to go out i will be able to cope. I will be able to order my food in. Have a good look around the shops on line and do my banking. I feel all elderly people should learn to use a computer or ipad. After all I'm 76 years young, so if I can manage it any one can manage it.”

Rob Falconer “I have been using the Internet to search for news stories and then to enter comedy sketches and one-liners to the BBC ... and some of my material has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra!”

Rob Falconer “I have been using the Internet to search for news stories and then to enter comedy sketches and one-liners to the BBC ... and some of my material has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra!”

Ann Hawkins “Firstly I will tell you and my husband came to live in Cyprus in 2001 leaving behind in UK 3 daughters. 2 son in laws and 3 grandchildren. In 2008 they bought us a laptop. Then in 2003 they bought us an I pad. At 71 I now spend most of my time surfing. Do all my Christmas and birthday shopping on line and do all online banking and savings transaction on line. Have a scanner/printer which I find fantastic. I speak to the children every day on Skype and FaceTme. Facebook is my weakness. And am constantly making contact with former friends all over the world. I love the camera facility on the I pad and take it everywhere with me, sending instant pictures to the UK. Overall, at 71 years of age I think I am quite an achiever. My husband enjoys the I pad but is not as adventurous as me. I would love to be entered in your competition. Kind regards, Ann Hawkins”

michael simpson “I had a computer thrust on my desk at work at the young age of (55), I had just started at an I.T. company as one of their Security guys! I asked the question "whats this for"? to do your job with, came the reply. I thought I'd NEVER get used to this contraption, but In time Ive found I cant do withought It! I bank - I buy online - Im on Facebook & also buy shares, Great tool that I wouldnt be withought It. Mick”

Nigel Wickenden “I am a self confessed Apple fanboy with a 27" iMac, iPhone 5S and iPad Mini with Logitech bluetooth keyboard so that I have access to the internet when away from home. I've got a bluetooth dongle that allows me almost broadband speeds when I am mobile. I have over 70 Twitter followers who are interested in my postings about diet and fitness. I also have old Army and Police friends on Facebook as well as the school friends I made when working at one for five years after I "retired." I also have a few web sites that I blog on and I use e-mail for communicating with family & friends as well as supervisors putting teams in for their Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions assessments.”

Karen Hawes “I nominate my husband who has set up his chapel web page and help others with new technology.”

Janet Tarn “I use the internet to keep in touch with friends around the world. It keeps you young to read about the young people and their families, it gives you ideas of what to do and where to go when you keep in touch with like minded older people. Shopping is great, no tired feet and exhaustion! Facetime etc lets you see your grand children regularly and talk to them in a really close way”

Vakhida Baldwin “I would like to nominate my mother-in-law Eva Baldwin, being in her early 70s she has not only mastered use of internet and PC but also searches it on daily basis to find some answers or information about her knee condition. Information that she found searching internet has helped her to easy her mind about forthcoming operation and she feels more confident. I think it's amazing and she feels very happy with herself.”

Mrs Sheila m Scholes “I'd love to win something being 63 years old. Kind regards Sheila”

sue seaman “id like to nominate my mum in law at the age of 68 who is well up on her gadgets after being diagnosed with life threatening cancer 2 yrs ago which she overcome she was detirmined not to be left behind and now takes her iphone everywhere and also has an ipad at home”

Sally Mohan “You have to be in it to win it as the saying goes and perhaps with tongue in cheek - I'm simply the Best and most tech savvy person around at the moment - unless you, the reader, knows otherwise ................................ !!!!!”