60 second interview with Lee Allcock, McCarthy & Stone’s Design Director

20 February 2013

McCarthy & Stone Design Director Lee Allcock

Q. Welcome to McCarthy & Stone, how long has it been?

I started with McCarthy & Stone on January 8th 2013, so I have been here just over a month now.

Q. Tell us about your role at McCarthy and Stone, and what attracted you to join McCarthy & Stone?

My job title is Group Design Director working with our Land and Planning Director Gary Day on strategic matters as well looking at our processes, systems and new products. I was attracted to join McCarthy & Stone, because the company was evolving and trying to change the perception of retirement living.

Q. What attracted you to a career in design and have you always wanted to be involved in property/construction?

I am a qualified architect and have always worked in the construction industry and I like the challenges that come with planning and dealing with the construction process. Both my Mother and Father worked in the housing industry and were a great influence in my decision to become an architect, which I am thankful for.

Q. Can you tell us about your first job in the industry?

My first job in the industry was for a small firm of architects, called Frankl and Luty who are based in Battersea, London. What was exciting for me was that they also had a building firm that worked on small residential schemes that were designed by the practice. The variety of work kept my job really interesting as one day I’d be designing a conservatory or garden room and the next day I would be on site building it!

Q. What new enhancements to our properties are you most excited about?

When we design a development for our customers there are certain specifications we have to include, as we’re designing for a specific target audience but over the past three years or so there has been a major shift and we what to design for needs as well as aspirations. The published HAPPI reports are an inspiration for McCarthy & Stone as our homes are currently being developed to be very adaptable, for whatever lifestyle you choose. The versatility of the space is great.

Q. What are you most looking forward to achieving at McCarthy & Stone?

Bringing forward new products that will influence the general public’s view of retirement living. We’re working with some very exciting new developments all over the country, and it’s a great opportunity to be able to put our ideas into reality for our customers. And of course we’ve the RIBA competition to look forward to.

Q. We plan to start building on over 40 development this year. From what you have seen so far is there a property that you’re most excited about?

We have submitted our plans for a new development in Poole, in Dorset which is very exciting as it a real change for the company to build such a contemporary building.

McCarthy & Stone retirement homes in Poole, Dorset

Picture: A CGI of the proposed development in Poole, Dorset which has been submitted to planning.

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