How to get an e-book published on Amazon

11 September 2012

Since I was a child I’ve been interested in writing, mostly strange and whacky stories that my teacher failed to understand, but writing none the less.

As this interest progressed and I matured into the working world I started to write my own notes on other peoples theories about management, sales, service, communication and all manner of things that circle the topic of human behavior.

Years later, with qualifications in management and coaching under my belt, I came to the decision that it was time to share my own theories, after all, I’d spent a lifetime absorbing others so it was about time I “did” something with all of that gathered wisdom.

So, I decided to put a book together titled Ask V Tell; The Great Communication Battle. 

I decided early on that I wanted it to be an e-book, as this enables buyers to read your virtual book on an e-reader like a Kindle or a smart phone, it can be read on an ipad, mac or pc. Problem was, I had no idea how to make it happen. So I am going to share with you my experience.

How to get a book published?

So, once you’ve actually written your book, be that fiction or fact, story or self -help, how do you get it published?

If you’re thinking of doing this yourself (and you really should, getting a book out there feels great) I’ve put together a bit of a list below, to give you a little guidance.

     1.   Pen to paper – get writing. Give it your own stamp, make it your book.

     2.   I found that working with Microsoft Word was easiest and this can be converted
           to Kindle's requirements.

     3.   Get lots of opinions about your book. Try to get people you don’t know to read it. Family and
           friends are great, but they are more likely to say nice things. You need brutally honest
           feedback, even though it’s likely to be painful.

     4.   Once you’re happy with the content, get it “proof read” by as many people as you can. Get rid
           of those typos and grammatical errors.

     5.   Create a cover for it. There are a number of companies online that’ll do this for free, or you
           can create your own.

     6.   Check that the title doesn’t already exist. You want your title to be unique so people don’t buy
           somebody else’s book by mistake.

     7.   Once you’re ready, and you feel you have a book, and cover worth selling, register with Kindle
           direct publishing. Just Google it and you’ll find it. You’ll find a whole host of guides and
           information there, and actually, the process itself is relatively straightforward.

     8.   Work through every stage of the guide (don’t take any shortcuts, follow the guide absolutely
           step by step) then your book is ready to submit.

     9.   Submitting your book allows Amazon to check your content and ensure that if follows their 
           protocol. This sounds cumbersome, but mine only took 48 hours or so. Once Amazon have 
           approved it, it’s live to the world!

     10.  Now it’s live, and before you start telling everybody where to find your book, create an 
            Authors Profile, again, on Amazon. This is like a blog that tells readers all about you. Make
            good use if this page as it’s like a mini website, all about you. It’s your chance to really sell it.

    11.   Once this is done, tell the world about your book, use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever
            media you can think of to tell everybody that you’ve created this book which is available for
            people to buy!

On a personal note, I have to say that I gained a lot of pleasure by putting this book together and getting it published.

Go on, write down your own story, tell the world what’s on your mind!

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