McCarthy and Stone offers stress-free move for the Landa family

14 May 2015

Rhoda Landa, aged 94, a former nurse and physiotherapist, still enjoys doing many of the same things she used to do 20 years ago with her daughters, Sandy and Posie, and she’s still making the most of life since she was one of the first homeowners to move into McCarthy and Stone’s Hilltree Court in Giffnock as she explains:

“We’ve always enjoyed each other’s company and we love going to concerts, popping into town for a bit of shopping or a special treat such as the ballet.  Moving to Hilltree Court in Giffnock hasn’t stopped us doing any of the things that we enjoy together.

“And in fact because the development is so well-positioned with a mix of restaurants and independent shops locally, as well as great transport links, I’ve really enjoyed making my move here and discovering some new places to relax with my daughters because we still manage to do the things we’ve always enjoyed just perhaps at a slower pace.

“We also love food in our family, and we love to plan our day around perhaps going out for lunch or dinner.  I still cook occasionally so the local deli is a godsend, but it’s wonderful that the restaurant here at the development is so delightful.  They really do make an effort to make the dishes appealing and I can make a reservation whenever I choose, so it’s incredibly flexible if I don’t feel like leaving home.”

With the love and support of her daughters, Rhoda didn’t feel that it was a difficult decision to finally leave their family home in Pollockshields as she adds:  “I moved from a large apartment in Pollockshields, but I love my new Assisted Living apartment in Giffnock because it’s my home.

“I know that Sandy and Posie researched lots of different options for me.  When I think back now, I don’t think I would be able to cope with every-day life in the way I do know living at Hilltree Court.

“In the end, this wasn’t a difficult move for me because my daughters showed me how devoted they are to me by making my move here possible.

“I’ve got more independence here, and I’ve made some lovely new friends so I don’t need to rely so much on Posie or Sandy.  Posie lives fairly local so I see her regularly, and Sandy lives in France so she pops over as often as she can.

“Sandy made use of the guest suite here many times when I first moved in - it was very convenient for us with her coming over so often from France, And I know that it’s a feature of the development at many other homeowners enjoy being able to use if they have friends or family to stay.

It’s often a daunting experience when you’re considering a move – at any age – as Rhoda’s daughter Sandy highlights: “My sister Posie and I had been looking around at options for mum to consider for about five years before I spotted an advert on TV promoting this development.  We wanted mum to consider moving to retirement living so we’d have the peace of mind that she’d be safe, but we also wanted to find a new place to call home where she wouldn’t feel lonely and that she’d have the opportunity to mix with other homeowners and still enjoy the things she like to do in life.  

“It took us so long to find the perfect location because there are so few options for retirement or assisted living available in Scotland.  But McCarthy and Stone’s Assisted Living ticked all the right boxes for us – mum would still own her own private property but importantly she’d benefit from features such as 24 hour security, a house manager as well as the lounge for socialising or relaxing whenever she wanted to.  When I saw them advertising on TV whilst I was back home in France I called Posie and said we have to get in touch with them.”

Despite several ongoing health issues, Rhoda’s family has seen quite a change in their mum’s confidence level as Sandy continues:  “Mum’s hearing can often affect her confidence in social settings, but it’s been lovely for us to see her making new friends since she moved in, and she’s even trying to help set up a Bridge club that will play occasionally in the afternoon.

“So if I needed any reassurance that Posie and I gave mum the right advice to move to Assisted Living, then it comes from seeing how mum’s loving life and still making sure that she can achieve the things she sets her mind to.  She’s always downstairs in the lounge, and that’s lovely because she’s never stuck in her flat unless she wants some privacy, and she is enjoying being busy.

“Mum is one of life’s warriors and when she’s faced adversity in her life – whether from health issues or just simply the things life throws at you - she just picks herself up and gets on with things. She’s incredibly optimistic and she’s always taught Posie and I that age is not a barrier – it’s just a number.”

Posie adds:  “When you get to 94 your life shrinks, and moving to an Assisted Living apartment at Hilltree Court has helped to keep mum’s life interesting, engaging and happy.  When mum wants company and a chat with one of her friends in the lounge she can do that, and when she perhaps just wants to take herself off to the local deli she can do that too – or if she just wants to enjoy the peace and quiet of her apartment she can do that as well.  It’s really the best of all worlds!

“Our relationship with mum is really two-way and she’s never pushed us to accept the responsibility of her getting older, but she really respects our views and she really listened when Sandy and I felt the time was right to make the move to Hilltree Court.  The family apartment in Pollockshields was getting too big for her to manage.  It was cold and there was no lift, and at the time mum would still drive her car if she needed to pop to the shops.

“But Sandy and I could see that when the time came for mum to give up her car then she’d effectively be isolated, and she’d need our support more than ever.  We wanted so much more for mum, and we were so thrilled when we discovered McCarthy and Stone at Hilltree Court.

“We received a fantastic and personal service from our dedicated Professional Advisor - Denise – she was wonderful and she made sure that she delivered on all her promises.  And we were also really grateful to be able to make use of McCarthy and Stone’s part-exchange which made the whole financial process stress-free and easy. Without it, I don’t think we would have been able to achieve this move for mum.

“McCarthy and Stone took care of all the really hard stuff that you have to face as a family when your parent moves to a different style of living. They dealt with all the paperwork, as well as the decluttering and packing up of our old family home in a really friendly, approachable and thoughtful way which took away much of the angst we thought we’d feel.”

Making the move to Hilltree Court has offered benefits to the whole family as Posie adds: “Before mum moved here I wouldn’t have moved out of Pollockshields because I just never knew when she might need me.  So mum’s decision to move to Hilltree Court has given me a huge sense of relief and the peace of mind that someone is here if mum needs them regardless of the time.

“We will always worry about mum and hope that she’s happy, but for now we don’t worry quite as much because we know there’s a great 24 hour support system in place here.

“If mum needs me, I’m just a phone call away, but her move to Hilltree Court has helped to give me some time back for myself and my family which helps with everyone’s life balance.  Moving here has helped mum maintain independent living, but more importantly her dignity, and the alternatives just weren’t good enough for her!”

Exclusively for over 70s, Hilltree Court on Fenwick Road aims to bridge the gap between conventional Retirement Living and residential care. Homeowners are able to retain their independence through home ownership, with their own front door, yet still have the peace of mind of a range of 24/7 security and support services, as well as a thriving community of new friends on their doorstep.

Rosemary Giovino, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for McCarthy and Stone, explains more about Assisted Living:  “Our aim is to help older people stay independent for longer and really make the most of their retirement.

“That is why we are so committed to delivering a five star lifestyle for our homeowners at Hilltree Court, which is set in beautifully manicured gardens, with fantastic freshly prepared food and luxuriously appointed accommodation.

“With the opportunity to retain property ownership, while also being able to draw on a range of flexible care packages, Hilltree Court really does offer retirees the very best of both worlds.”

Hilltree Court boasts an impressive list of facilities, such as a fantastic table service restaurant which offers a daily three-course lunch, a guest suite for when visitors want to stay over and a homeowners’ lounge for socialising with other homeowners, with all the exterior maintenance and gardening taken care of by a professional and friendly team. Every homeowner receives one hour of domestic support each week, which can be topped up if required at an additional cost, to help with their needs whether that is cleaning, washing, grocery shopping or a chat over a cup of tea.

To find out more about the final few apartments at Hilltree Court in Giffnock call 0141 633 0018.  Alternatively log on to or visit the show complex, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30am to 5.00pm, and until 7pm on a Thursday.

Hilltree Court was awarded grades of 5 for ‘Quality of Care & Support’ and ‘Quality of Staffing’ in its most recent inspection by the Care Inspectorate in Scotland*




*Inspection date November 2014. Service providers are graded on a scale of 1-6, with 6 representing an ‘Excellent’ standard. Full details of the report are available by visiting

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