Downsizing in your golden years is the secret to a happier life, say retired couple from Dibden Purlieu

10 October 2017

Dibden Purlieu retirees, Jeffrey (Jeff) and Lynne Goldsmith found the secret to happiness in your golden years was in fact downsizing when they moved to McCarthy & Stone’s Coppice Gate.

The couple recently took the brave decision to downsize and they haven’t looked back since since moving into their Retirement Living apartment in Coppice Gate. Jeff, 70, explains: “Don’t wait too long to make a decision about downsizing.  Nothing in life comes without some big decisions and challenging times, but since we took the plunge earlier this year, we have never been happier.”

Like many couples their age, Mr and Mrs Goldsmith, who have been married for almost 40 years, made the tough decision to leave their home of 30 years in favour of a smaller property.  The couple took the decision to downsize so that they could free up some capital that would allow Lynne, 63, to take early retirement from her job as a Senior HR and Payroll Project Manager.

Jeff had retired eight years previously from his career in IT and Lynne was keen to join him in enjoying his new active lifestyle away from the rat race and stresses of work.  Jeff comments: “For us it was a case of needs must.  We needed to release some equity from our current property so Lynne could retire.  Working until she was 70 just wasn’t an option – it was about putting our health and ourselves first for a change, having been used to working long hours for the majority of our lives.”

With that in mind, the couple decided to downsize to a property in Surrey.  Considerably smaller than their family home the couple thought the smaller property in Surrey would be perfect as it would be easier to maintain and manage. However, three months down the line it became apparent that wasn’t the case. Jeff said: “Whilst the house was smaller in size it needed more work than we had initially thought, and we quickly realised we had made a mistake.” 

Faced with expensive bills and a long list of jobs that needed doing, this was far from the dream retirement Jeff and Lynne had pictured.  So, they decided to view a brand new apartment at McCarthy and Stone’s Coppice Gate Retirement Living development in Dibden Purlieu.

Lynne adds: “We needed to cut our losses and so we were after a quick move.  We were aware of McCarthy and Stone and when we found out they offered a part exchange service we thought this could be a ready-made solution.”  This service simplified the moving process for Mr and Mrs Goldsmith and meant they were able to move quickly and easily without the stresses of dealing with estate agents or lengthy chains.  In fact, from first viewing the development, to completing on the apartment took less than a month.

Jeff and Lynne were delighted to find the moving process was simplified even further for them as they took advantage of the House to Home service offered by McCarthy and Stone. The couple were able to move quickly with minimal effort as they received help with packing and decluttering, all of their possessions were then transported to their new home and unpacked at the other end within 24 hours.

“It was fantastic”, said Jeff. “All the heavy lifting was taken care of.  It felt very organised and they were extremely respectful of our belongings and our feelings.”

The couple were attracted to the location of Coppice Gate thanks to its proximity to the coast and the New Forest.  What’s more, it also offered easy access to a range of amenities and coincidently is just a few miles from where the couple spent their honeymoon nearly 40 years ago.

A stunning selection of 36 one and two bedroom luxury apartments, Coppice Gate is designed exclusively for the over 60s.  It offers the very best of independent living within a safe and secure environment with the opportunity to benefit from companionship when desired, as well as privacy when needed.  

Since settling into their new surroundings, Jeff and Lynne have taken full advantage of the lifestyle on offer and are enjoying a new life rich in friendships.  Talking about her new lifestyle Lynne said: “Pilates, swimming, tai chi and bowling, it all keeps life interesting.  Jeff goes to the leisure centre five or six times a week and I enjoy going out sight-seeing with some of the other homeowners at the development.”

Despite leaving their home and friends behind, the couple have no regrets about moving.  They have fully embraced their new home and Lynne comments: “I don’t have anything hanging over me anymore and that’s so liberating.” Mr and Mrs Goldsmith find life so much easier now and haven’t looked back since moving into their new home.

Lynne concludes: “For anyone thinking about making the move to Retirement Living I say, ‘just go for it!’.  You need courage to downsize, it is a big move, but it’s fabulous.  I did think ‘are we doing the right thing?’, but it’s worked out amazingly and we are truly delighted. “By downsizing in what Jeff and I now call our ‘Golden Years’, we still have the time and energy to do everything we want to do.

For further information about Retirement Living at Coppice Gate, call 0800 201 4811 or click here for more information.

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