Consultation begins on specialist retirement apartments for Kettering

05 January 2016

McCarthy & Stone, the UK’s leading developer of retirement apartments, has acquired an interest in the former Satra House, Rockingham Road, Kettering, and is proposing to redevelop the site with Retirement Living and Assisted Living (Extra Care) accommodation, high-quality landscaping and associated car parking.

The brownfield site is soon to become vacant and disused. McCarthy and Stone’s plans for Rockingham Road are still at a very preliminary stage and no planning application has been submitted to Kettering Borough Council.

McCarthy & Stone has offered neighbouring residents and community representatives the opportunity to meet individually with the project team to discuss the early proposals for Rockingham Road and, where possible, will incorporate their views into the plans.

A public exhibition, which will enable the wider local community to view and comment on the emerging plans, is also scheduled to be held in the coming months, with dates still to be confirmed.

Mark Wright, Regional Director, McCarthy & Stone said: “We’re keen to develop a scheme which positively contributes to the local community both through the high-quality, attractive design and by increasing local housing choice for local older people. We are committed to engaging with the local community before submitting our planning application.

Retirement Living accommodation, where the average age of residents is 78, is specifically designed to meet the needs of people in later life and includes a residents’ lounge, a guest suite and House Manager.

Assisted Living (Extra Care) accommodation helps to meet the needs of the frail elderly, where the average age of residents is 84, offering on-site care and support whilst promoting independent, active and healthy lifestyles. Facilities include a full service restaurant, dining room and residents’ lounge. Developments are staffed 24hrs a day, providing residents with access to both personal and domestic assistance as required, whilst creating 17 full time equivalent jobs.

McCarthy & Stone believes that Kettering is an area where there is a need for both Retirement Living and Assisted Living (Extra Care) accommodation – the local over 65s population is predicted to rise by 93% over the next 20 years. In addition, occupants are typically looking to ease the burden of maintaining a larger family property, which would allow these homes to become available on the market for families.

For more information call the project’s freephone information line on 0800 298 7040.