Response to DCLG’s press release on stronger protections for tenants and leaseholders

16 April 2014

McCarthy & Stone, Britain’s largest builder of retirement housing, has welcomed yesterday’s announcement that the Government is to require all letting and property management agents to join an approved redress scheme later this year.

Mark Riddington, Managing Director of McCarthy & Stone Management Services, which manages McCarthy & Stone’s new retirement properties, said:  “We warmly welcome this announcement.  While the retirement housing sector has seen dramatic improvements in the quality and standard of its management services, we recognise that there are still operators out there who are abusing their position.  We feel our approach of offering high-quality in-house management to our homeowners provides a best-practice approach to management that could be used as an example to be followed by others.  We would actually go further than the Government’s announcement and support the registration of managing agents, recognition of minimum standards and the introduction an industry-wide accreditation scheme and adjudication process.  We believe this would give greater transparency and consistency across the industry and would help with the communication of service standards and delivery in the sector."

High quality property management and maintenance are important parts of McCarthy & Stone’s customer service offer.  In 2010, the company ended its relationship with third parties who previously provided management services in its developments and established its own in-house management service companies to ensure its customers receive the highest standards of support.

McCarthy & Stone Management Services is registered with the Housing Ombudsman Service and is a member of the Association of Residential Managing Agents.  YourLife Management Services, which is part owned by McCarthy & Stone Management Services and manages McCarthy & Stone’s Assisted Living developments, is in addition regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England and its equivalent bodies in Scotland and Wales.  McCarthy & Stone is also a member of the National House Builders Council (which has its own consumer code, customer charter and sheltered housing code) and the Home Builders Federation.

Further details about DCLG’s plans can be found here: