Out with the old: McCarthy & Stone's new Greater Life Advisory Board bins items associated with ageing

31 May 2012

Introducing McCarthy & Stone's new advisory board

Members of a new non-executive advisory board - which has been launched by McCarthy & Stone, the UK market leader in later living development, to change attitudes to ageing - gathered in London today (Tuesday 12th June) to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.

The Greater Life Advisory Board, which comprises six professionals, who all have experience of making later life decisions, threw pipes, slippers, walking sticks, OAP signs and other items associated with ageing into a rubbish bin.

McCarthy & Stone has tasked the Greater Life Advisory Board members with helping to re-imagine and re-engineer products, services and perceptions around ageing in a way that will help more people experience a greater life in later life.

The new board members include Edwina Currie who became a Member of Parliament in 1983, where she spent fourteen years and served as Minister under Margaret Thatcher in the Department of Health, responsible for publich health and women's health issues.

Ali Crossley, Executive Director of McCarthy & Stone, said: "Our new advisory board will help us tackle the negativity and inertia that commonly surrounds planning for later life. We will do this by creating new products and services to meet the needs of the UK's ageing population, which will see one third of all its households occupied by people over 65 within the next 20 years.

"We will also lobby the government to make changes that will help us to fulfil our ambition to see older people live richer, more rewarding and fulfilling lives."