McCarthy & Stone opens up its new consumer advisory board to a younger generation

12 March 2012

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McCarthy & Stone revokes 65+ age requirement after recruitment campaign strikes a chord with a younger than anticipated audience.

Britain’s leading retirement apartments builder, McCarthy & Stone, is inviting retired people of any age to apply for a post on its new consumer advisory board - which will debate issues affecting older people - following interest from a much younger than expected audience.

The company, which was originally recruiting people aged 65+ only, was surprised and heartened to be contacted by people in their 50s and early 60s, as well as those in the original target age group. As a result, it will now consider applicants of any age who are passionate about the subject, provided they are retired.

The decision to remove the age limit for the advisory board - which will focus on key issues affecting the 50+ age group - means that a younger generation of people who are, for example, looking after elderly parents, or are just embarking on retirement, will now get the chance to make their voices heard.

They will be considered alongside other younger applicants including people who have worked in relevant sectors, as well as the 65+ age group who have vital first-hand experience of making decisions about their own retirement.

Ali Crossley, Executive Director of McCarthy & Stone, said:

“We have been surprised and heartened by the significant level of interest that our new consumer advisory board has generated from younger people as well as those in the original 65+ target age group.

“The initiative, which will help us to deepen our understanding of the needs of the 50+ age group, has clearly struck a chord with all kinds of people who have a connection with it, whether that is through leveraging their professional experience or personal circumstances.

“We are very keen to harness their interest and enthusiasm, hence we are delighted, to widen the scope of our new board and invite applications from any retired person who has the relevant skills and experience, and is committed to helping us make a real difference to older people.”

The creation of the board comes against a backdrop of 80 per cent of the nation’s wealth now being accounted for by the over 50s, and an ageing population trend which will see over one third of all UK households being occupied by those aged over 65 in the next 20 years1.

In return for championing age-related issues, and helping to guide the development of the company’s new products and services, members will receive remuneration of £2,000 per annum.  The board will meet four times a year and members will also be expected to speak publicly on behalf of the group.



For more information:

Andrew Baud,, 020 3397 3383 or 07775 715775

Kate Habberley,, 020 3397 3383 or 07943 333362


Notes to Editors:

McCarthy & Stone is Britain’s leading builder of retirement apartments, responsible for the construction of more than 40,000 homes for more than 45,000 residents.  The company is renowned for its focus on the needs of older people.

1 Housing markets and independence in old age expanding the opportunities: University of Reading, May 2011





About the Consumer Advisory Board

McCarthy & Stone is recruiting five members (one of whom will become chair) for a newly formed non-executive Board.  Members of the Board will be expected to attend two meetings in the first two months and quarterly thereafter.  Meetings will take place from 10am to 2pm in London or Bournemouth or a mutually convenient location.  The five members of the public will be broadly demographically representative of older people in the UK.  One member will be a current McCarthy & Stone scheme resident. The chair will be appointed by the company from the five successful applicants.

Applications to the Board must be made by email or post, through completing a two-page form.  The form is available from, on 0800 919 132 or by calling in to any McCarthy & Stone sales office.

Applicants will need to:

-        Have a clear contextual understanding of the societal issues relating to older people

-        Demonstrate an interest in the lifestyles, finances and care of older people

-        Participate in a debate about the challenges of an ageing population

-        Challenge establish thinking about what life in retirement is like and how people should live and be supported

-        Act as a champion for older people

-        Provide comment on McCarthy & Stone’s research, reports and its products and services

-        Use email and have some general computer proficiency (training will be offered)

Members of the Board may be asked to participate in two other external events per annum at which they will represent the views of the Board.   They may also be used in other public relations activity, including speaking to the media, on up to one further day per annum.

The recruitment drive is being supported by advertising in The Times, The Daily Telegraph and through social media.