Goodbye butterfly. Hello New Year

We’re striding into 2021 with a confident new look. Because it’s the perfect time to embrace the future. & that’s not the only difference either...


16th December 2020

& have you spotted something else? 

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed we’ve refreshed the way we look and (slightly) changed our name. From the 16th December, we’re removing the ‘&’ so that McCarthy & Stone becomes McCarthy Stone. 

Why the change?

The time is right. Our new name and look more accurately reflect the way we feel about our business. The strength of our confidence in our award-winning quality, our blazing optimism in the future and our avid joy in celebrating our amazing communities who share a Life, well lived.

One of the greatest benefits of being a McCarthy Stone homeowner is becoming part of a community of remarkable individuals. Life, well lived, is about friendship, companionship and love. It’s about new experiences. New adventures. Looking forwards, while making the most of the here and now. That’s what McCarthy Stone is all about.

We’re really proud of our new image and hope you like it too – let us know your thoughts on our social channels. 

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