Call for Housing White Paper to make lasting change

19 December 2016

Commenting on the New Homes Bonus reforms and news that it will be used to contribute towards adult social care, Clive Fenton, CEO of McCarthy & Stone, strongly believes that the forthcoming Housing White Paper should be used to make lasting and long-term positive change to help address the core issue. He said:

“Providing adult social care with greater short term funding is welcome news, but at a time when the UK faces a housing crisis, including homes for older people, it misses a real opportunity to fix this issue.  The Government needs a long-term sustainable model and the social care crisis cannot be disentangled from the housing crisis. 

“We urge Government to use the forthcoming Housing White Paper to create planning policies that support better housing options for older people, including retirement housing.  Nearly 5 million homeowners aged 55 and over are considering downsizing.  But many become ‘Generation Stuck’ due to a lack of good, high-quality housing that suits their needs.  Many are eventually forced into care as a last resort.  Better housing in later life helps older people maintain their independence, keeps them happier and healthier for longer, and out of care, as well as provides much-needed new housing and frees-up under-occupied homes for use by younger people. 

“Our homeowners have fewer visits to health professionals and return home more easily after stays in hospital, but providers in this sector need the right planning environment if they are to meet the chronic under-supply of housing suitable for older people.  Retirement housing’s key role in helping solve the social care crisis – at no extra cost – can no longer be ignored.” 

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