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Top Tips For Getting Online Quickly When Moving Home


Getting online quickly in your new home can be frustrating, so follow our top tips to getting you back online as quickly as possible.

Broadband is an essential modern utility, but when moving home you could find yourself without service for weeks. To ensure that the internet is set up as quickly as possible in a new home, follow our top tips.

Research your options

Broadband coverage is, sadly, not universal and each area will have a different choice of providers and speeds. If you’ve currently got a connection there’s no guarantee that you will be able to continue using the exact same type of broadband at a new home.

Checking what services are on offer is the first step when setting up a new package. You can ask a broadband ISP to check for you, though they will only provide information about their offerings. For a bigger picture use the broadband check tools at, which will provide a general breakdown of the types of broadband in the local area.

For the most accurate results search using a phone number and postcode. A postcode check alone cannot guarantee service to a particular address.

Get an early start

Installing a broadband service can take weeks so if you want it up and running as soon as possible in a new home, get a head start. Speak to the provider as soon as you have a moving date so you can start the process. If an engineer visit is required ensure they’re booked in on the right date, and confirm when you will be receiving your broadband router.

Moving an existing broadband service? Understand the rules

If you’re planning to take your current broadband service to the new home this is usually straightforward, but you should speak to the ISP and acquaint yourself with their rules for this process.

There will be a minimum time period for notifying the ISP of a move. If you’re late, they will not be able to activate the new line when you move in. As above, you should also check coverage at the new address. Remember you may have to accept a different speed or service.

If you have broadband and phone from the same company, they will handle the whole process of transferring to a new address. But if you have separate phone and broadband providers you must speak to the phone company first and obtain a reference code which can then be given to the broadband ISP. This will allow them to liaise and carry out the transfer on the same day so there is only minimal interruption of your service.

Switching provider? Watch out for extra charges

Moving home is not grounds for cancelling a broadband service without charge, so if you’re going to switch providers in the middle of a contract there will be a fee. If you’re out of contract this may not be a problem, though some providers do still levy a charge.

Some ISPs may also request that you return the broadband router. If you fail to do so within the time limit they set this too will result in a charge.

Couple using a tablet in their new home

On the day - setting up the new broadband

Your broadband provider should provide regular updates on the progress of the new service. If an engineer is needed you will be advised of the date. Some broadband packages are self-install, but if you would prefer someone to visit and set it up this can usually be requested for an extra fee.

The ISP will advise you in advance of the date the line is to be activated. It can take some time for this to happen, but if it’s later in the day you could try calling the ISP technical support as they may be able to help.

The broadband router should be delivered by the activation date. The box should contain everything you need, including power adapter, network cables and telephone cables. If you are using Wi-Fi, the network name and password will be provided, usually on a sticker on the router itself.

Hopefully by following these tips, after moving home your broadband won't be lagging too far behind!

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