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Top Mobile Phone Apps


There are some really useful and entertaining apps out there, and many of them are free, so don’t miss out.

1. Dragon Dictation
Smartphones are great but some people find it tricky to type on those small screens, especially when sending emails. Avoid those tiny keys by dictating what you want to say and let this app turn it into an email for you.

2. Magnifying Glass Flashlight
Whatever your age, there are times when it’s impossible to read the small print whether it’s in a dark restaurant or on the back of a box of pills. This free app uses your phone’s camera to magnify the text and you can switch on the flashlight too if you need it. Genius!

3. Duolingo
If you’re planning a trip abroad and want to learn a few phrases, this app is a clever and easy way to learn the basics of any language. It works on multiple choice questions and also the spoken word, and you are given feedback as you go along. Even without a holiday in the offing, it’s a fun way to exercise your brain.

4. Shazam
This has been popular with youngsters for years but we all have those moments when we hear some music we like and want to know what it is. Shazam is a free app that will ‘name that song’ from its database of over 11 million songs.

5. Warblr
The technology behind Shazam also inspired Warblr, launched last year by two scientists from a team at the University of London. As the name might suggest, it identifies birdsong when you record the sound with your mobile phone. The app, which costs £3.99, also plots the recordings so it can help ecologists and zoologists monitor bird numbers and habits.

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They are designed to be easy to use but with all the functions of standard models, and they have added extras likely to be useful to an older user, such as large, clear icons, a facility for the hard of hearing and an assistance button that alerts people on your chosen list if you need help. And you can also nominate someone to set up and assist you with your phone remotely, should you need it.

Both our prize phones come with a £20 pay-as-you-go Anywhere Sim card, which gives you access across three mobile phone networks, so you’ll nearly always be able to get a signal.

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