Peter Shares His Top Photo-Taking Tips

McCarthy Stone owner Peter shares his top tips to getting great looking photographs

Visit a reputable camera dealer to gain advice on which camera would be most suited to you and your needs. In the hands of most people a camera is used to capture memories and events such as family holidays or weddings. Most cameras today are digital but your choice of camera will depend upon for what purpose you intend using it, and also how much you are willing to spend.

  • The most important factor in taking photographs is to keep the camera steady – there is nothing worse than a blurred photo! Use a tripod if possible.
  • Items such as mirrors and glass in pictures can reflect the flash and spoil your photograph. Equally, a great photograph can be spoiled by a lamp post or tree “growing” out of someone’s head. If possible, take the time to compose your photo through the viewfinder or screen before taking your shot.
  • Landscape photography can also be tricky – the most common fault is to include too much foreground. Try to strike an equal balance between sky, foreground and subject, and bear in mind that a blank sky can be unattractive. Striking cloud formations can make your photographs very interesting, even when the skies look dark and foreboding.
  • When taking group photographs, it is better to kneel down rather than stand. When you stand you tend to look down rather than horizontally toward the group, so it’s better that the camera is positioned at waist height for this type of picture.
  • Finally, experiment! The more you use your camera and become accustomed with its functions, the more fun there is to be had. The great advantage with digital photography is that you can take as many shots of the same subject and discard or keep pictures as you choose. A camera is not just for taking snaps – take photos!

Next time you go for a walk or visit family and friends take your camera with you and capture those moments.

Our thanks go to Peter for contributing to our blog and for sharing his photos with us.