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Five Energy-Saving Apps For An Eco-Friendly Home


Gunning for a greener home? These five smart apps will help make your home more energy efficient and in turn save you money!

1. Joulebug

Free, iOS

Putting the fun into energy saving, this app encourages sustainable behaviour, helps to save you money as well as cutting your carbon footprint. It challenges you to make lifestyle changes such as reusing water bottles, using less electricity, walking rather than driving, and in return it rewards you with virtual trophies and points. You can even sync the app with your utility bills to see how much money you’re saving each month as a result of your good behavior.

2. Meter Readings

£1.49, iOS

This nifty app allows you to take readings from multiple meters, and track your energy use and bills throughout the year. The app even allows you to link up to meters in multiple postcodes if you own more than one property. When reporting on your energy usage, choose whether you want easy-read graphs generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Smarter still, the app even activates the torch on the iPhone to help you read the meter in the dark!

3. Water Use Calculator

Free, iOS

Do you have a clear idea of how much water you use? The Water Use Calculator created by the National Ground Water Association will be able to tell you whether you’re conserving water or simply wasting it. To find out how efficiently you’re using water, just answer some simple questions about what uses water in your home and how often, and then discover handy tips on how to reduce it.

4. Fuelgood

Free, iOS

The FuelGood app tracks your fuel usage and then suggests ways to reduce your costs. It’s easy to use: simply select your car type, car age and engine size, and the app will track your journey and estimate the savings you could make if you drove it more efficiently. The app’s useful ‘Journey List’ remembers your journeys so you can compare savings over similar distances and routes.

5. Voltz

Free, Android and iOS

Three fifths of the population have never switched supplier, but thanks to the UK's first energy switching app you can move to another in minutes. Helping you cut through the bewildering choice of energy suppliers on the market, just enter your details and the app will track the market for the best current deals. You can also set up alerts for when it’s the best time to switch depending on your usage and current tariffs. Trust us, it’s a quick, easy and stress-free way to reduce bills.

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