Healthy Snacks For Little Ones

Enjoy some nutritious treats with your Grandkids!

There are many pleasures associated with reaching the more mature phase of life, one of which is undoubtedly time with the grandchildren. You can spoil them rotten and lavish treats and affection on them, often far more than you were able to do with your own children. And all this, safe in the knowledge that you can hand the little ones back to their parents at the end of the visit!

While the occasional sweet treat is all part of the fun, parents might not thank you for loading their children up with sugar all day long. So we’ve gathered together lots of ideas for healthy treats that are fun to eat as well as to make – and which you won’t feel guilty nibbling on yourself!

Freezer fun

Anything frozen is generally a hit with children and it’s really easy to make healthier and cheaper alternatives to a shop-bought ice lolly. Here are a few ideas to try out:

  • Frozen grapes (chopped lengthways in half to help avoid choking, especially for younger children).
  • Frozen chocolate banana – coat a banana in a little chocolate spread such as Nutella, wrap in foil, and freeze.
  • Lollies – you can buy a cheap plastic lolly mould from a supermarket or pound shop and have lots of fun with it. Fruit juice or weak squash makes a nice ice lolly. For something more creamy, mix yoghurt with a little jam or fruit. Here’s a great recipe for yoghurty banana lollies that uses empty yoghurt pots as lolly moulds.
  • And finally… frozen peas straight from the packet. It sounds weird but some kids just love the crunchiness

Fruity ice pops are a great way to keep cool and incorporate your five-a-day


Fruity goodness

Fruit is nature’s sweeties: colourful, sweet and portable. Here’s a lovely suggestion for serving a variety of fruit in a fun, rainbow pattern. Why not turn it into a game? Mix up all the fruit pieces and get the children to skewer them in colour order. This could also act as an opportunity to introduce them to more unusual fruits such as kiwi and lychees.

Apple-y versatile

 Sliced apple is a quick and easy snack for your grandkids

Apples cut into slices make great dipping sticks. You could give the children a little pot of yoghurt to dip their pieces into.

They also make lovely sweet crisps: all you need to do is very thinly slice up the apple across the core, lay on a baking tray and bake at a moderate heat in the oven for about 40 minutes.

Kitchen creations

Baking is of course brilliant fun: the mess, the gooey fingers, the spoon-licking. And healthy recipes needn’t be any less messy. This flapjack recipe has lots of ingredients to measure, some fun squishing to do (into the baking tin), and even includes Rice Crispies, so the end result is a bit crunchy and chewy. Make sure you keep a few aside for yourself and your friends – they’re dangerously moreish.

Do you have any special healthy treats that you make for your grandkids when they come to visit? Let us know their favourite snacks in the comments below!