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Enriching Lives and Saving Money

This report outlines the key benefits that McCarthy & Stone’s customers experience when living in a retirement community, including an improved quality of life and the ability to save money.  Its key findings are:

  • Retirement communities create happier and healthier lives by helping older people maintain their independence
  • Running costs for a Retirement Living apartment are typically much lower than a customer’s previous home, saving them c.£1,200 a year on average, despite significantly increased services and facilities
  • Customers could save c.£13,300 a year in care costs   compared to a residential care home
  • Retirement communities provide greater cost certainty, with service charges increasing by an average of just 1% in 2017/18, well-below inflation
  • Encouraging more people to join retirement communities could help reduce loneliness and free up more family homes to the market

Improving Quality of life 

It is a well-reported fact that the UK’s population is ageing - and demographic changes are bringing a new housing crisis to the fore.

Over the next 25 years, the number of households in England is projected to increase by 3.8 million, driven by the growth in older people living alone. According to Government figures, households headed by someone aged 65 years and over will increase by 52% by 2041, while those headed by someone aged under 65 years are projected to grow by just 3%.

As Britain ages, the demand for appropriate housing becomes more acute. At present, many older people are trapped between living in large family houses which are no longer fit for their needs, and moving into care homes before they need or are ready for round-the-clock help.

However, there is a middle ground. Retirement communities can fill the gap between completely independent living in a family home and fully cared-for options.

Retirement communities provide a ready-made community with services on tap, including the ability to increase care provision as and when it is needed in many developments, while also maintaining people’s independence with their own private apartment.

McCarthy & Stone is at the forefront of developing this type of housing. Its retirement communities bridge the gap between family housing and care, removing concerns about home maintenance and helping customers  with everyday chores such as housework  or laundry. 

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