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Could You Be Eligible For More Financial Support?


According to Age UK and CAB, retirees fail to claim over £5 billion each year that they may be entitled to. At McCarthy & Stone, we offer our homeowners a free and confidential review service to ensure that they don’t miss out.

Last year we helped claim nearly £2 million for our customers.

You may be entitled to Guaranteed Pension Credit once you reach the qualifying age. This tops up your weekly income to a guaranteed minimum and can help towards your ground rent and eligible service charges. 

If you are in receipt of the above, you may also find your Council Tax could be met in full. Either way, if your capital is below £16,000 or you are disabled, live with a disabled person or have been diagnosed with a health problem such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you may still qualify for a Council Tax reduction. 

Savings Pension Credit is paid to those of you who have saved money over the years towards your retirements. You may be entitled to Savings Pension Credit if you are aged 65 or over – and better still, may even be able to claim for both Savings and Guaranteed Pension Credit.

As well as the above, you could be missing out on up to £86.50 per week. Attendance Allowance is here to help make your life a little easier based purely on health and mobility problems. If your health or mobility makes everyday tasks more difficult, painful or slower, you have a disabled badge or have difficulty using a bath or climbing the stairs, you might be entitled to claim Attendance Allowance. 

Our specialist advisors are on hand to help and advise on each of the benefits you should be claiming and can outline the extra income you may be entitled to. Many of our customers currently qualify for and enjoy the benefits of extra income, enabling them to relish retirement living to the full: why not see whether this could be you? 

As a McCarthy & Stone homeowner, you can get in touch with our Entitlement team to find out more information about your own eligibility. 

Shirley Davenport from Atherstone had no idea of the financial help she was entitled to. However following a meeting with one of McCarthy & Stone’s Entitlements Advisors, she was able to talk everything through and answer any questions. Shirley now has much more confidence money-wise and can comfortably manage her outgoings, worry free - ‘I now know that I can manage my outgoings and it takes the worry away’.

More details on our Entitlements Service can be found here. If you would like to speak to the Entitlements Advice Team directly, please call 0800 153 3809

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