608 days ago

Our Favourite Discounts for Over 60s

Take advantage of some great discounts and freebies now you’ve reached 60; it is the new 21 after all…  Whether you’re spending the day shopping and eating out, or enjoying a day out, we don’t want you to miss out on the deals these discounts can get you. 

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635 days ago

Could You Be Eligible For More Financial Support?

We're proud to offer our Entitlements Advice Service, which is there to help McCarthy Stone homeowners access the benefits that they are entitled to.

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676 days ago

How Our Entitlements Service Enables Homeowners To Access Life Changing Support

Discover how our entitlements service has helped our customers claim life changing support and benefits such as attendance allowance.

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881 days ago

Cutting Costs in Retirement

When living on a fixed income in retirement, it’s important to make sure that your income does not exceed your expenses. No matter your income bracket, living more frugally is something that anyone can do.

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1087 days ago

You and Your Money 

Business and personal finance journalist Terri Doyle brings you the latest money news, plus hints and tips on how to make the most of what you’ve got

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1663 days ago

The Autumn Statement And How It Will Affect You

Discover the ins and outs of the Autumn Statement with McCarthy Stone. Explore pensions, finance, transportation information and more.

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1676 days ago

The Financial Benefits Of Part Exchange

Learn how easy Part Exchange can be with McCarthy Stone's simple process - taking the stress and expense out of moving home!

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1690 days ago

Everything You Need To Know

Your top 10 FAQs about retirement living McCarthy Stone-style, answered. From service charges, running costs to health planning and more!

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1721 days ago

Stamp Duty Explained

Ever been stuck on what Stamp Duty really is? Let us help you unravel the mortgage mystery with our helpful Q&A article on Life & Living!

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1850 days ago

Downsizing Home Considerations

Discover how to let go of all the emotional stress moving brings with McCarthy Stone. Downsizing can be stressful – but it can also be amazing!

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1869 days ago

You & Your Money

Business and Personal Finance journalist Terri Doyle gives her latest finance and money saving views. Read now only on Life & Living!

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2051 days ago

Spending The Nest Egg

Far-reaching budget changes mean we have more freedom to spend our pensions as we like. What does that mean for our retirement years?

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2051 days ago

Making The Most Of Your Money

Finance journalist Terri Doyle brings you the latest money news, plus hints and tips on how to make the most of what you’ve got in the bank.

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2782 days ago

Cardiff Pupils Say Thank You

Discover how McCarthy Stone are assisting the wider community with their new playground project in Cardiff! Take a look at our local donation here!

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2917 days ago

Launching Our 1000th Development

Celebrate the opening of our 1000th development with us! Since 1977 we have been building developments, and we aren’t about to stop now!

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3063 days ago

The Key To A Comfortable Retirement Is Financial Planning

Let McCarthy Stone assist you in planning your retirement fund. Check out some simple and easy tips on how to plan your future here!

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3266 days ago

Thank You: We Raised Over £20,000 For The Children's Charity Barnardo's!

Check out how much money we raised for the children’s charity, Barnardo’s!

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