The Ultimate Guide To Grandparenting

It's here! Download our 'Ultimate Guide to Grandparenting!'

Do you know the difference between your Peppa Pigs and your Mr Tumbles? Can you twerk like Miley Cyrus and take the perfect selfie? Perhaps it’s time you downloaded our ‘Ultimate Guide to Grandparenting’!

Last month we asked you to share your personal experiences of what makes the greatest grandparent.

After being inundated with responses, we have compiled our official ‘Ultimate Guide to Grandparenting’, which includes a list of the ’20 things every grandparent should know in the 21st century’, along with memory-making activities for grandparents and their grandchildren to try for themselves.

Grandparents With Their Grandchild Outdoors

How to play Candy Crush, how to send a Snapchat, and the words to all the songs in Disney’s Frozen were just some of the things you told us grandmas and grandpas ought to know in the 21st century. 

Grandparents Knitting with their Grandchild

And when it came to spending quality time with the grandkids, your top five suggestions included baking a cake, taking a trip to the seaside, building a den, kicking up leaves and flying a kite.

Download the ‘Ultimate Guide to Grandparenting’ here.