The Joy Of Pick Your Own

Pick-Your-Own farms are enjoying something of a resurgence, and it’s easy to see why. It is a relaxing and enjoyable way to get outside on a warm summer’s day.

With so many different farms across the UK, you won’t have to travel far to discover the joy of pick-your-own for yourself. If you are looking to eat more local, seasonal produce then why not spend an afternoon strolling around fruit fields? Best of all, you’ll get to take home your very own stash of freshly picked fruit and vegetables.

Getting The Most From Your Visit

Unlike supermarket bought fruit, picking your own can be excellent value for money. Remember to take your own punnets and containers ready for filling with all that delicious produce. Even if you can’t use it all, raspberries, blackcurrants and podded vegetables can be frozen. You can also get creative and find new and exciting ways to make the most of your pickings.

Fruit Picking Season

Strawberries – For the best strawberries, June and July is peak strawberry picking season. But if the weather is good, then you can pick the classic red berry from May straight through to August and September.


This is one for late summer and early autumn. Blackberries are best found from the
end of July until September.


To get the tastiest, most succulent plums you’ll have to act fast, with the fruit ripening from late July to the end of August.


Towards the end of summer and into autumn, marks the start of the apple harvest in
September and October.

A Recipe For Strawberry Jam

If you’re wondering what to do with your glut of fruit, then jams and chutneys can be a great way to use up large quantities of fruit. Once made, they can keep for up to a year and make an excellent gift. This strawberry jam recipe is also the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cream tea.