How To Stay Stylish At Any Age

Fashion is forever

The legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.” While today fashions might be skewed to the younger market, style is ageless – we’re talking about quality basics, classic cuts and dressing for your shape.

So if you can’t get into those leather trousers, midriff tops or body-con dresses (and, quite honestly, would you want to?), then how do you show you’re still on top of your sartorial game? Once you’re past your 20s, it doesn’t have to go downhill in the style stakes – here’s how to dress fabulously for your age.

Don’t be afraid of prints. As we get older, we tend to gravitate towards monotone colours such as black, navy and grey. While every wardrobe needs these basics, step out of the box and mix it up with something different. Prints and colours can compliment your best assets – you just need to know how to mix and match them. According to lifestyle blog Mr Kate, Julianne Moore is a perfect example of how to work clashing prints – try a muted pair of leopard print pants and a worn army print coat. Nude boots and a white t-shirt balances out the busyness.

Think about your accessories. While hot-pink trousers might be long past you, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace colour in another part of your wardrobe. The right accessories can change your whole look – if you’re not up to wearing bold colours yet, try introducing a bright bag, pair of shoes or piece of jewellery into regular rotation. For the best accessorising, we recommend taking tips from the fashion icon Iris Apfel and her statement jewellery, which covers everything from ethnic-inspired necklaces to stacked wooden bracelets. Pull your look together with a signature piece – for Iris, it’s all about the round glasses.

Quality over quantity. Fast fashion is everywhere today, with many high-street brands offering sales, discounts and all the trends at a fraction of the price. It’s definitely okay to make the most of these deals, but remember to save some pounds for investment pieces that will last a lifetime. Every wardrobe, no matter your age, should include a classic white shirt, a pencil skirt, a wool coat, a blazer, black fitted pants, patent heels, a LBD and a sturdy handbag. These basics are the ones to worth spending a little more on – buying cashmere or silk may seem expensive at the time but you’ll be wearing it long after you’ve forgotten the price. Quality designer pieces you’ll wear all the time are worth the investment, and you’ll be able to see the difference as well as feel it.  

Change up your look. Take a cue from Dame Vivienne Westwood and be proud to show off your age. The 72-year-old designer recently sported a new hairstyle, stepping out at Paris Fashion Week with a simple white-haired crop instead of her usual flaming red locks. According to her publicist, the makeover was for two reasons, “Vivienne cut her hair as we must all wake up to Climate Change. And secondly as she wanted to cut the red out for a while and have it white – to show she’s proud of her age.” Vivienne styled up her new crop with beaded headbands, dark lipsticks, and drop earrings. Don’t be afraid of letting your true (hair) colours shine through - it’s time to embrace your age!

Wear what makes you happy! Last but not least, you need to let your own personal style shine through. If you simply love that leopard-print coat, then wear it with aplomb. A tight pencil skirt you’ve had from your working days? Keep it classy with a collared shirt or a cosy knit. As Channel 4’s Fabulous Fashionistas report revealed, “Wearing things that make you happy gives a sense of wellbeing, regardless of what anyone else thinks, and it helps in dealing with a good deal of the discomfort that comes with getting older.” Fashion is supposed to be fun!

  1. Julianne Moore mixes prints! i love to mix different patterns in my own style and i think this is a great example of a mature lady doing it perfectly with a muted leopard print pair of pants and a worn army print coat. she paired it all with a chic pair of shoes and the whole thing works!
  2. Betsey Johnson is so funky! she always has fun hair and wacky outfits. i love how she has a platinum bob haircut paired with layered necklaces and bracelets. you’re never too old to wear a ton of jewelry!
  3. The legendary Iris Apfel who has such a unique sense of style and everyone loves her for it! she always has her signature round glasses (in a variety of colors of course) and loads upon loads of statement jewelry… fabulous!