Staying Young in Retirement

Following on from our conversations with one of the UK’s leading life coaches, Carol Ann Rice of, we provide a number of our approaches you might want to take, to not only improve your quality of life, but keep you feeling fit, healthy and ultimately young in your retirement. 


Top Ways to Feel Younger in Retirement 

According to a recent Homes for Later Living report, moving into a McCarthy Stone property can make you feel 10 years younger*, but in addition to this there are several other approaches you might want to take which can also improve your quality of life. 

If you’re wanting to look and feel younger in your retirement, you could try all or some of the following:

Making New Friends

You have more time than ever to make new friends in your retirement. Developing new relationships is exciting at any age, but it’s particularly important in retirement because friendship plays an essential role in happiness. 

As a McCarthy Stone resident you can make new friends in the social areas of our developments. You can also try exploring your past social circles or perhaps joining a local club. 

Getting Involved in Modern Tech

Modern technology may seem scary, but social networking sites are a great way of making new friends and online shopping can help you if you don’t fancy popping to the shops. 

Plus, by embracing new technologies, you’ll also learn new skills and keep your brain active. You can use a Google Mini to help you around the home, get an iPad for playing games or buy a smartphone to help you track your fitness

Staying Active

It’s important to stay fit, active and healthy in your retirement. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can do just that. If you like, you can join the gym for some light exercise, or you can simply walk, ramble or cycle

Alternatively, you can start a new hobby like golf or yoga. By keeping your body active and fit, you’ll notice positive mental benefits and you’ll potentially look younger and healthier. 

Taking Up Charity Work

Many people see retirement as the perfect time to give back. If you feel like this, then charity work is a great option. Not only will you feel good for helping but taking part in some form of work will help keep your brain sharp and provide you with purpose. 


There’s no better time to travel the world than when you’re retired. You can either jet off abroad to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit or take a tour of Britain’s secret spots and coastal towns.

Whether you’d rather stay close to home or go on a far-flung adventure, travelling – and the fantastic, enriching experiences you can have - will certainly help you feel younger. 

Changing your Diet

As we get older, our nutritional needs change, so it’s important that we manage our diets in retirement. 

So, make sure you never skip breakfast, reduce your salt intake and eat more oily fish. If you can, try and embrace sugar substitutes, too. 

Adopting a Positive Attitude

Many people say that you’re only as old as you feel. For this reason, it’s important to adopt a positive mental attitude in your retirement. By staying positive, you’ll be more open to starting new activities and making new friends, so you can fill your life with purpose. 

We've consulted with an expert life coach Carol Ann Rice of to learn more about feeling young in retirement, so if these have been of interest, please do read her Q&A, which can be found by clicking here.

Watch our Grow Young With Us video and see for yourself how our homeowners are rolling back the years:

* Based on a selection of national well-being criteria such as happiness and life satisfaction, an average person aged 80 feels as good as someone 10 years younger after moving from mainstream housing to housing specially designed for later living.