Run in The Footsteps of The Caldwell’s

Ultradistance and 50-times marathon runner Marie Caldwell inspires and motivates her fellow residents to keep fit and active.

Marie and Eddie Caldwell from Valley Court in Bury are fitness enthusiasts running up a list of phenomenal achievements.

At aged 45, Marie quickly found a pace for long distance running and has since challenged herself to over 50 marathons worldwide. She has leaped into ultradistance events running her last ultra-race at 74, becoming a British Record Holder for women over 70.

'My last long distance ultra-event was on the Costello track in Hull. Much longer than a marathon, I managed to cover 92 miles in over 24 hours!’

Marie’s best distance was an astonishing 103 miles, and she was the oldest lady to complete the first British marathon in the new millennium. Winning medals in the British Ultra Marathon Track Championships, Marie has also competed in track and cross-country events including the rigorous 6-day Tour of Thameside.

Now aged 82, Marie is still crossing finishing lines. A hip replacement 6 years ago sadly resulted in a running break, however after hearing about a local 10k event she decided it was time to dust off the cobwebs and give it another go.

‘I heard about a 10k race in Bury, so I asked the fitness club here to sponsor me. They thought I was the mad women of Valley Court! At the time, I thought it was a one off but since then I’ve done another and another.’

Marie has taken it into her own hands to inspire other residents and spread awareness of how important it is to keep fit, leading a fitness club and jogging group.

Eddie says: ‘One of Marie’s main interests is leading the Monday “Keep Fit” group for other residents. It is enthusiastically received and many members report improvements in their daily living activities for example increased range of movement and ease of walking.’

Married for 56 years, Eddie is a recently retired sports and massage therapist and lecturer in the field. An ex-professional wrestler, he faced many well-known names during the 60’s-80’s, including Bert Royal and Vic Faulkner. Running became a part of his training programme which is where the couple’s joint love for it begun. Like Marie, Eddie was a track and road runner, competing in his last race to celebrate his 70th birthday.

As a sports and massage therapist, Eddie travelled near and far aiding many British Teams. Today, he still continues to see long-term patients and also offers a complimentary hand to his neighbours at the development.

Regularly attending talks inspiring others with their stories, the couple have no plans to slow down anytime soon – proving to all, age really has no limit!