Renting Provides Freedom and Flexibility 

Determining what is best for an elderly parent can always be a hard burden to bear. This was a decision Eva Walters faced when her father, Alan’s health began to deteriorate. 

Alan, 74, lived on his own in Spain and made the move back to Oxfordshire to be closer to Eva, where he also began his clinical treatment.

Eva comments: “The move was really stressful for Dad, and I was worried about him feeling vulnerable. We moved him into a serviced apartment to begin with but long-term we knew we needed something more secure where he could feel part of a community. Somewhere that would encourage him to get out and socialise but with support on hand should he ever need it.

“I would recommend renting with McCarthy Stone to anyone in a similar situation. It’s given Dad a choice, another way of living and I’m really looking forward to seeing him thrive.”

“Dad is a keen runner and is fiercely independent, so the thought of him going into a care home was not one that appealed to any of us, but at the same time we needed to find out if he could cope on his own or whether more help was needed. Being able to rent an apartment at Williams Place has given him more stability but without the commitment of a purchase, as we simply don’t know what the future holds.

“Rental is the perfect compromise as we can take each step at a time and at any point if his circumstances change only two months’ notice is needed. There are no added costs and we don’t need to sell his apartment in order to be able to fund his care.”

Eva’s hopes for her father are that life at Williams Place will allow him to hold onto to his independence, and she is encouraging him to try some new things including arts and craft and even a singing class, which are just some of the activities available to him there.

“The idea that Dad can benefit from a homeowner’s lounge where he can pop down and catch-up with people over a cup of tea, as well secure entry systems and round-the-clock support is such a weight off my mind. His apartment is not too dissimilar to myself and my husband’s first apartment when we were starting out – it’s modern, open-plan and really welcoming. It couldn’t be more different to a care home! Plus there’s a shopping complex on the doorstep so he’s out and about every day running errands, and with the freedom and flexibility that rental affords.

This case study demonstrates just a few of the benefits of renting in retirement. To find out more about the McCarthy Stone apartments available to rent, as well as to part buy, part rent, click here or call: 0800 2014 116.