Mum knows best: The UK’s top 10 favourite pieces of motherly advice revealed

No matter how old you are, or whether you yourself are a mother, it’s a likely assumption that at some point you’ll have been subject to, or may well have offered out, some classic motherly advice. 

While the helpfulness of said advice can vary, what matters is that our dear mums always have our best interests at heart. But, with all this, it got us thinking about what the most-common pieces of advice are, and more importantly, which is the best.

So, we decided to find out…

Our approach and survey

First, we carried out some extensive research to narrow down a list of 10 of the most-common pieces of advice that UK mums are famed for dishing out. This ranged from more tongue-in-cheek guidance around not staring at the TV, to evergreen life lessons about minding your manners. 

Then, armed with our top 10 of ‘mums’ advice quotes’, we carried out a nationwide survey asking the Great British public to vote for their favourite, to find out once and for all what the UK considers to be the best piece of motherly advice. 

The Top 10

What follows is the top 10 pieces of advice from the results our survey gathered.

Regional variations

So, as our top 10 has revealed, the UK as a whole believed the best motherly advice was about maintaining the health of our eyes! 

However, when we broke down the data we’d gathered by region, there were some interesting variations.

Here’s a short selection:

- The people of Yorkshire believed ‘If the wind changes, you’ll stay like it’ was the best piece of mums’ advice.

- The North West saw the importance of politeness over anything as ‘Good manners cost nothing’ was the most popular advice in this region.

- The people of the South East prefer to discuss their issues, as they voted in numbers for ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.

- Those we surveyed in the London area are all about good eating with ‘Always eat your greens’ and ‘Eat your carrots, they will make you see in the dark’ being the top two choices.

If you’d like to let us know what you think about our results, or you’d like to share with us any of your favourite pieces of motherly advice, then let us know on our social channels using the buttons below with the hashtag #mumsadvice.


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