Explore Our Menus and Meet The Chef

Often seen as the heart of our developments, and with the constant gentle hum of conversations, it’s not hard to see why homeowners soon become friends while chatting over lunch. 

Every day of the year our homeowners can enjoy a freshly prepared meal at a modest cost in the on-site table service restaurant or Bistro. 

‘It is a real benefit having the bistro on-site serving such tasty food, as it takes a lot of pressure off me and I don’t have to worry about cooking when I don’t feel like it’ 

- McCarthy Stone Homeowner.

We spoke to one of our Chef Managers about working at McCarthy Stone. 

'Food is my passion. I was a chef in restaurants and hotels and other developments before I came here.

I normally start work at about 7am. We offer a three-course lunch every day in the development restaurant.

A lot of homeowners like the freedom of not having to cook or do the washing-up. I could be looking at meal plans with the chefs or helping to manage a special event, anniversary or party. I worked with a team to create a buffet for homeowners at our Poundbury development when the Queen visited the town.

We’ll be serving strawberries and cream during Wimbledon week, of course! We source mainly local products, and we work with the company nutritionist to plan healthy menus.

We listen to what homeowners want and cater for everyone, from vegetarians to diabetics and those with a food allergy or intolerance. We also have an option for a lighter meal, so the menus are quite varied.'

‘The atmosphere is lovely, and I like how the chef makes a point of knowing our various likes and dislikes. It’s such a personal touch’

– McCarthy Stone Homeowner

With a seasonal menu on a weekly cycle, our restaurants offer a choice of two starters, two mains and two desserts that are pre-ordered, serving between 12.30 and 1.30. 

Our bistros are slightly different as you are able to choose from a menu and are open for longer serving from 12 to 3, giving you plenty of time to sit and relax whilst having your lunch.

‘We’re a great team here and the facilities we have in the kitchen are fantastic. The restaurant is always so busy and the steady stream of empty plates we get back after each meal makes you feel you really are getting it right.’

 - McCarthy Stone Kitchen Assistant. 

Any specific dietary requirements are catered for and we often have themed menus such as ‘A Taste of Italy’. Whilst on Sundays, our chefs lay on a roast dinner and the restaurant is busy with extra guests as children and grandchildren visit their loved ones. 

For those special occasions, a function room is available at selected developments and homeowners can work with the chef to select the menu for their guests. Meals for special events will be priced by each individual experience.

‘For many homeowners meal times in our restaurant are a highlight of their day, and I’m proud to play such an important role in that. And unlike in a regular restaurant, where the chef would stay in the kitchen, I’m able to go out and chat with my diners, which adds to the sense of family we enjoy here’
- McCarthy Stone Chef

*Charges vary slightly between developments and range from £4 - £7 per meal. A small additional charge will be added to Guest meals.

Fixed costs of the restaurant and the catering staff are included in the service charge, and there is no requirement to eat in the restaurant each day.