It's amazing what you can do with a black stocking and a pair of Marigolds!

House Manager Sue McGrath (from Mallory Court in Skipton) gives an insight into the life of the homeowners with their 'pot nest' creations!

The things folk get up to up North.......

Stage 1 – fill your stocking with grit & compost whilst wearing your Marigolds. Then bash it on the floor to make a pot shape. As you can see it took 4 people and the usual “one” giving instructions!

Stage 2 – thread your stocking through a bangle. Then make your “pot” look like a nest for a very exotic bird…..lots of them here in Skipton!
Feathers, sequins, glitter, you name it we used it! Then pull your stocking over the nest.

Stage 3 – Add a plant, real or silk, the choice is yours.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our “potty” afternoon and I’m sure you’ll agree, simply amazing results!

What do you think? Will you be trying these for yourself?