I really do love it here, I'm very happy

After her family convinced her to look at a new McCarthy Stone development in Bromsgrove, Shirley Tyler was surprised at how quickly she settled into her comfortable new apartment

Don’t hesitate, she says, you could miss out on so much. The move was so smooth. The only thing that broke coming over was a figurine – and that was something I packed myself. House to Home came at half past eight in the morning and we were out by half past ten. There was no sadness. I really was glad to be moving. All of the boxes were unpacked by early afternoon and McCarthy Stone had laid on a beautiful lunch to welcome us.

I’d ordered some furniture for my new apartment. My granddaughter pitched in as my interior designer, which was a fun experience for both of us. It was a fresh start for me and everything’s just fitted exactly where I wanted. So many people have homes worth a lot but miss this phase out and go straight into a nursing home. You still own your own home with your own front door. You’re not in an old people’s home – you’ve got independence and support, with the money still invested in bricks and mortar. But if do you find yourself getting more frail, you can increase the help you need.

I’ve been here for six weeks. For me, the chief attraction is the company. What you can’t put a price on is the friendship. You go down to the homeowners lounge and have a cup of tea and within 20 minutes you’re surrounded by people. We all get on so well. But you can always go up to your apartment if you want to.

People have very interesting lives when you talk to them. I really do love it here. I’m very happy.

For anybody reading this, who may be thinking it seems like a huge upheaval, I would say, don’t hesitate. You risk missing out on so much.

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