Homeowner Holidaying In Our Guest Suites

After her husband passed away in 2014, Sylvie Morgan decided she had to make the best of her later life, and moved from her home in Malmesbury to Paxton Court, Tenby, where she is enjoying an active social life, and has met many new friends!

Sylvie decided that this spring she was going to take advantage of our guest suites and go on a tour of some of our developments, giving her the opportunity to meet lots of new people and see new places. So, Sylvie will be travelling the length and breadth of the country visiting developments in Glasgow, York, Newcastle and many others, with her partner Bradley.

Her trip began at Cwrt Gloddaeth, Llandudno, Walesm where House Manager Helen Egan had organised a cheese and wine tasting. It was a lovely evening and a great time was had by all!

Next, Sylvie and Bradley visited Queen Elizabeth Court. Whilst there, Bradley discovered that an old friend of his had moved to Queen Elizabeth Court. They haven't seen each other for several years, so it was lovely that they got to catch up over tea and cake.

The next few weeks will be action packed, as Sylvie and Bradley continue their tour. Sylvie will be
keeping a diary of everything that she gets up to. So, we look forward to sharing that with you and giving an insight into the retirement lifestyle you can enjoy at our developments.

If you are at one of the developments Sylvie is visiting please say hello to her and share your photos of her trip with us.