Fishing for Fun

Looking for an exhilarating and challenging activity that brings a sense of serenity and calmness? We think we’ve found the perfect catch.

Home to some of the most incredible and iconic fishing lakes and destinations in the world, we’re spoilt for choice here in the UK with classic chalk streams, riverbanks to perch on and coastlines to explore.

Enjoyed solo or as part of a fishing club, as a relatively easy sport it lets you escape the realities of life. It also keeps you fit, increases your Vitamin D and improves your concentration. By joining a club, you can learn tricks of the trade and become part of a community too. Whether you opt to compete in competitions or just nod a greeting to a fellow angler, being around like-minded people, sharing an interest and connecting with new friends is a great way to spend the day.

So whether you opt for a rod, line or hook, freshwater or saltwater, trout or salmon, head down to a local fishing lake or join a boat trip out to sea to give fishing for fun a go.

The History of Smoked Salmon

Artisan smoked salmon producer John Ross Jr has become globally renowned for taking its time. Almost two centuries, to be precise.

With a respect for producing smoked salmon using centuries-old methods and a craft passed down from one generation to the next, the luxury food brand that has held the Royal Warrant for almost three decades is not about to start hurrying now.

John Ross Jr proudly sits overlooking Aberdeen Harbour, a port with a rich history and one that supported a fishing industry, which boomed with the introduction of the steam trawler in the 1880s.

However, it was little over two decades before then that John Ross Jr’s namesake, John Ross, an Aberdeen chemist, had established a reputation for creating Finnan Haddie - a smoked haddock using a special smoking technique.

As fate would have it, when John Ross Jr was founded by the Leigh family and built around traditional brick kilns dating back to 1857, it was John Ross’s ancestor, Jim Tait, who would join the smokehouse.

Quickly becoming master smoker and custodian of a production technique that had survived over a century, Tait’s role was to preserve the tradition, techniques and art associated with producing smoked salmon based on the time-honoured methods used to create Finnan Haddie.

Now, almost two centuries later, John Ross Jr has become a global brand.

Producing smoked salmon for 36 countries around the world and that can be found in illustrious restaurants and hotels at home and abroad, John Ross Jr’s success is down to a team of artisans that remain loyal to traditional production methods and a sales team led by Victoria Leigh-Pearson, the second generation of the Leigh family, who is now responsible for upholding its tradition and rich history.

“We’re extremely proud to be a Royal Warrant holder,” says Victoria.

“Our focus is on  quality  through and through and the Royal Warrant represents a great badge of honour and one that speaks volumes, regardless of where in the world our smoked salmon can be found.”

With a range that not only includes traditional smoked salmon but also speciality smoked salmon product including Whisky Smoked Salmon and Tea Smoked Salmon infused with Lapsang Souchong Tea, John Ross Jr is set to continue producing innovative flavours steeped in traditional smoking methods.

But after all these years and a recipe dating back almost two centuries, has smoked salmon started to lose its charm?

“Never!” exclaims Victoria. “Particularly when served with a cold glass of champagne. How could anybody possibly tire of that?”