Downsizing - We Have No Regrets

Residents Get Honest About Their Move...

It all started when my wife read in the local paper that, the following week, there was to be a presentation of a new McCarthy Stone development in Tenby. Unfortunately we were going to be away that week so I sent off an email to ask for a brochure about the development. The following day,  for the company, got in touch and travelled over 100 miles to our home and showed us the plans and details of the various apartments.

We selected our new apartment and paid the reservation fee and awaited developments. Developments soon got underway, Estate agents were appointed, they assessed the value of our property and we were ‘on the market’. Meanwhile, we’re kept informed in a variety of ways ensuring that legal matters, conditions of sale, details of the provision of care and supervision at the development, before during and after our move, were all taken care of.

We were fortunate in that our three bedroom bungalow with a conservatory and an attic, full of junk, was sold after eight days. The rush was on. We had to decide what to keep and what we were to do without, but it wasn’t easy. We quarrelled more in the weeks that followed than we had in nearly sixty years of marriage. The children chose what they would like to have and we arranged for many of our things to be auctioned while the remainder was distributed among several charities. There were many empty spaces in our bungalow in the weeks leading up to the move.

The move itself was quite painless because McCarthy Stone had arranged the Removal Contractors; what remained of our furniture and belongings was conveyed to our new one bedroom apartment. We were amazed at the assistance that was on offer from the workmen who were only too willing to make any adjustments we wanted. Jackie, the House Manager, was so patient responding to our questions and we were soon quite settled.

Everything works and everything fits and we are extremely happy. Our eldest daughter’s comment was “This place oozes quality” and that is so true. We have no regrets about downsizing from our three bedroom bungalow to this lovely one bedroom apartment.