Christmas Decorating Tips 

To help make your home full of Christmas cheer, we’ve spoken to Clare Gibson, Head of Interior Design at McCarthy Stone who’s provided her top Christmas decorating tips.

In the UK, research has revealed that on average we visit five relatives over Christmas, travelling 92 miles delivering gifts, 38 miles delivering Christmas cards and 109 miles visiting friends and family. But when your family and friends come to visit you, it’s only right that you want your home to be full of Christmas cheer.

So, to help make your home into a beautiful Christmas grotto, here’s a great range of Christmas decorating tips, including everything from Christmas tree decoration ideas to Christmas window decorations.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of any home during the festive season and one of the easiest things to do here is to buy a fully dressed or fibre optic Christmas tree – meaning the decorating is already done and you don’t have to fiddle with pesky lights and cables.

However, if you’d rather decorate the tree yourself, you can still buy or use an artificial or a real tree. Decorating a Christmas tree is a great chance to add some personality to your home.

Red and gold are traditional colours, but you can decorate your tree in any way that you wish, with silver and purple both being contemporary options. For a little thematic inspiration, this post from Good Housekeeping can give you a few ideas.

Remember that you can also decorate the space beneath the tree. One increasingly popular trend that we’ve seen in recent years is for people to decorate empty boxes with wrapping paper to add an additional splash of colour.

You can also coordinate your wrapping paper to complement the colour scheme in your room.

Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

Although it’s nice to draw the curtains and shut out the cold when the nights grow longer and darker, your windows can also be decorated to fit the cosy Christmas theme.

If you’re looking to get your grandchildren involved with the decorations, then you can cut out paper snowflakes and ask them to help you hang them. Plus, because these can simply be taped to the window, they’re easy to put up and take down.

If you’re looking for a slightly more sophisticated look, then there are a number of other Christmas window decorations that can cater for your sense of style.

Many people like to hang small baubles from their curtain rail to inject a bit of colour, while others like to hang wreaths. If you’d prefer to keep the glass free from decoration, then you can decorate the ledge below with candles, seasonal flowers or lanterns to keep the Christmas spirit flowing.

Interior Decoration Ideas

Cushions, throws and candles can help you create a cosy atmosphere in your home. As well as helping to keep you warm in the winter months, they can create a snug, welcoming and homely environment. Plus, the light from a candle is great for watching television, relaxing or reading a book.

Throughout the year, most dining tables are left unset to create the illusion of extra space and eliminate any clutter. But, at Christmas, setting the table can create some extra Christmas cheer.

A festive tablecloth can add colour to the room and help your theme spread throughout the house. Fresh flowers also make a beautiful centrepiece that will draw people to the space. To make it especially Christmassy, you can attach holly leaves to napkin rings and use a garland as a table runner.

Wooden Christmas decorations have become increasingly fashionable over the years, with people regularly incorporating ladders and wooden advent calendars into their decorations.

Wooden Christmas decorations are also particularly useful as they can help add height to your decorations. If your Christmas tree is your only vertical item, then it can sometimes draw too much attention, so wall mounted decorations can create a nice balance.

Christmas Cake Decorations

A Christmas cake is a staple of the festive season and there are a number of ways that you can make your masterpiece stand out from the crowd.

From edible snowmen to gingerbread trees and reindeer made from icing, there are plenty of different Christmas cake decorations you can make. Plus, the great thing about decorating a cake is that it’s a simple task that the grandchildren can get involved with too.

Christmas with McCarthy Stone

At McCarthy Stone, we always ensure that our properties are decorated for Christmas, so residents and visiting family members can feel plenty of Christmas cheer.

Plus, this winter we also have plenty of fun Christmas activities at each development, where we welcome all family members who want to enjoy Christmas together. These range from mince pies and mulled wine, to choir events and much more. This helps us bring residents together during the Christmas period, over what’s a traditionally social time of year.

If you are a McCarthy Stone homeowner, check the bulletin boards around your local development to see what’s happening near you.