A Tale of Happily Ever After

Good communication, consideration for each other and never going to bed without making up – are the secrets to a long, loving and successful marriage, says homeowners Mr and Mrs Bowhill.

John and Wendy Bowhill from Daisy Hill Court in Eaton have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by their children, Tim and Kelly, grandchild Isaac, and over 80 family and friends.

The party hosted in the development’s onsite restaurant, was the perfect venue for everyone to come together and have a joyous time.

Happily married in 1959, the newlyweds couldn’t afford a big wedding party, but instead spent the day with loved ones at their local pub. The aunts bought the food, the men played darts and photos were taken by friends on Box Brownies.

“Since moving in we’ve personalised the apartment to suit our needs and are very settled and happy there. And life is certainly a lot easier.”

Shortly after the wedding, John was sent away with the Royal Navy where he went on to have a 25-year career. His position meant the couple never really settled until later life, as they moved around a lot.

John says: “My career in the Royal Navy - and then subsequently in industry as managing director and in non-executive director roles - meant we spent a lot of time away from home; we spent three years living in Australia, time in Hampshire and travelling extensively. Wendy was a great support throughout, and I think being away from friends and family meant we only had each other, which made us stronger to this day.”

When asked for tips on a long and happy marriage, John added: “Never go to bed without making up and have consideration for each other. Essentially it’s all about good communication – but not too much of it!”

A Change For The Best

Finally settling in Norfolk, the couple moved to Daisy Hill Court in December 2018, making the decision that their family home was getting too large to maintain.

“We had a large house and garden but over time we were finding we couldn’t manage the upkeep. After many years in the Royal Navy moving around, we’d made our home in Norfolk and knew we wanted to stay there, so we looked at the various options available. We saw Daisy Hill Court and thought that would do us fine!”

Situated in the attractive village of Eaton and in close proximity to the wide variety of local amenities and shops in Norwich, Daisy Hill Court features stunning landscaped gardens and private terraces. Exclusively for the over 70’s the development has a high-quality table service restaurant and a spacious and contemporary homeowners’ lounge.

Congratulating the couple on this memorable milestone, Cheryl Bissett, Sales and Marketing Director for McCarthy Stone East Midlands, says: “We’d like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Bowhill on their 60th wedding anniversary. It is inspiring to see a couple so happy together and wish them many more happy years at Daisy Hill Court.”