10 tiresome tasks we hate about winter

It’s turning cold and you want your home to be warm and cosy. But that involves some tiresome maintenance tasks – unless you live in a McCarthy Stone Retirement apartment of course

Have a drafty home? 

Those trusty 'sausage dog' draft excluders can take early retirement, so can that front door draft curtain you've needed since 1964. All our apartments are designed to the latest energy conservation specs, so ‘where’s that draft coming from?” conversations will be a distant memory. 

(Scotty dog draft excluder, Lorraine at Home, £18 at jdwilliams.co.uk)

draft excluder, dog

Climbing ladders

You won't have to check that your loft insulation is up to scratch, or your water tank and pipes are properly lagged, everything is already in place at our Retirement and Assisted Living developments.

Climbing ladders

Bleeding radiators

Did you know that the average three-bed semi has 15 radiators? And you used to have to bleed every single one of them and line the back with silver foil in the vain hope of increasing the heat. Just imagine what you could do with all that time you'll save... anyone for afternoon tea?

Clearing snow

Waking up to a fresh layer of snow is a nice surprise now that you don't have to get out a shovel and clear it from your front path. And there are plenty of other homeowners to help you build a snowman!


Dealing with boiler breakdowns

Why do boilers have a nasty habit of breaking down in cold weather? The team at McCarthy Stone developments are on hand to help with any unforeseen winter woes.  

radiator boiler

Coming home to a burst pipe

Highly unlikely in a well-insulated McCarthy Stone apartment but if it did happen, staff will help you sort it out.

burst pipe flood home

Winter gardening

Be honest, gardening in cold, wet, windy weather isn't enjoyable. Now you can sit back and watch someone else do those arduous winter jobs, though you might want to lend a hand (or give some friendly advice) when spring arrives.

winter gardening

Clearing gutters

Yuk, fishing out all that gunk to stop the pipes overflowing was one of your least favourite jobs. Who knew Retirement  Living from McCarthy Stone had so many benefits?

gutter cleaning

Layering up

Imagine wearing only one jumper and one pair of socks instead of two, and only needing your thermals when you're going out, not sitting inside watching TV or socialising with friends. Our apartments are designed to be warm and cosy and the service charge includes heating in communal areas.

layering up in the cold

Worrying about security

If you fancy a winter holiday, you can just pack your bags and go. All apartments have burglar alarms and a main door entry system for greater peace of mind while you’re away.

holiday in security