Time to Get Some Vitamin Sea

Take a breath and inhale the fresh, salty sea air. It’s miraculous.
In the 18th century, drinking cold sea water was prescribed by doctors to cure everything from heatstroke to depression. Although science has developed over time, in truth a dose of nature’s vitamin sea can work wonders on the mind, body and soul.

Reinvigorating, relieving and refreshing – coastal air, sandy toes, salty water and the therapeutic tempo of waves is the perfect cocktail for stress relief, lifting your mood and reducing blood pressure. Even on a busy summer’s day, there’s a sense of calmness and peace that comes from sitting on the water’s edge. Staring out to the endless blue sea can help clear your head and improve abstract thinking, leaving you full of creativity.

If you dare, a dip in the water - although quite chilly - is fabulous for the body, both inside and out. The plunge in temperature increases circulation and can reduce water retention, and as your body naturally starts moving to warm up, you’re exercising too. Rich in nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and zinc, seawater is also a natural exfoliant which will leave your skin glowing from head to toe.

And as for the cherry on the cake (or the flake on the Mr Whippy!) rightly nicknamed nature’s lullaby, a good day at the beach will hopefully lead to a great night’s sleep.

So, if you’re looking to unwind or relax your mind this season or for some low-impact exercise that’s enjoyable too, prescribe yourself a dose of vitamin sea – it sounds wonderful.

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