599 days ago

Yoga for the Over 60s 

Are you thinking about taking up yoga in your retirement? Here, McCarthy Stone show how you can with information from an expert on the benefits of yoga and the best yoga poses to try.

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664 days ago

Expert Advice: Benefits of Singing in Retirement

Singing in retirement has a number of health and social benefits. For this blog, McCarthy Stone spoke to Sandra Colston of Funky Voices to learn more. 

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685 days ago

Top UK Winter Walking Destinations 

There’s nothing better on a crisp, cold winter day than heading outside for a leisurely ramble. Whether across field or along the coast, even during the colder months the UK offers some dramatic and stunning scenery. So, wrap up warm and enjoy one of these wonderful walks.

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694 days ago

Time to Get Some Vitamin Sea

Autumn may be upon us and there may be a chill in the air but for your health and wellbeing, it really is time to visit the seaside (yes, you read that right!)

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718 days ago

What it's Like Living with Arthritis

McCarthy Stone have consulted with our residents and the experts at Versus Arthritis to learn more about what it’s like to live with arthritis.

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118 days ago

The Top Reasons Why You Should Take Up Cycling in Your Retirement

Here, McCarthy Stone and the experts at Energise E-Bikes explain the health benefits of cycling and offer top biking tips for retirement cycling.

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802 days ago

Life is Good, Enjoy the Ride

Going for a ride is good for your heart and muscles, and it may improve how you walk, balance, and climb stairs.

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819 days ago

Fad or Fixture: Should You Try a Plant-Based Diet?

Exploring the truth behind eco-friendly eating, superfoods and veganism, Kirsty Robinson from The British Dietetic Association, explains the benefits of a plant-based diet if you’re over 60.

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859 days ago

How to Keep Fit in your Retirement

Read our guide to retirement exercise, including popular exercise activities for retirees. 

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890 days ago

A Closer Look At Our Wellness Initiatives

McCarthy Stone are proud to be involved in a variety of wellness initiatives that support everyone from our homeowners to the local communities surrounding our developments. 

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964 days ago

Expert Advice: How To Ease Your Arthritis In Cold Weather

How can you ease the effects of arthritis when it’s cold outside? G.P and clinical advisor for Versus Arthritis, Dr Fiona Chikusu, offers her advice.

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252 days ago

SAD vs the Winter Blues: Everything You Need to Know About Both

Understanding the difference between more common dips in mood and seasonal affective disorder is important. In this article, we explore the tell-tale signs of SAD, as well as useful tips that will help lift your mood in the winter.

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1145 days ago

Scottish Developments for Active Retirees

Make the most of your retirement and enjoy more time for the things that matter, whatever that might be. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, outdoor adventurer or history enthusiast, we have an apartment to suit you. Discover our top pick of developments for active retirees, guaranteed to help you enjoy retirement living to the full. 

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1188 days ago

A user’s guide to health ratings

You can check how well a hospital performs, if a new GP surgery is right for you and whether a dentist is taking on NHS patients, courtesy of online searches. We show you how

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1244 days ago

5 ways your health improves with age

Sure, there are a few extra aches and pains, but there are also ways in which your health can improve as you get older

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