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Mum Knows Best

Jan Biffin

Jan Biffin



To celebrate Mothering Sunday on March 30th, we would like to offer you the chance to win a £100 John Lewis Gift Card.  All you have to do is upload a photograph of your Mum… with you or your family if you like, to our gallery with a caption describing her best piece of advice.

Mum Knows Best

It’s true, Mums really do know best don’t they.…it’s something in-built in us, so even as adults we still call on our Mother’s help no matter what age we are. 

Looking back over the years, what is the best piece of advice you have ever received from your Mum?  Would it have been advice on relationships, or maybe something more practical like a sewing tip, or the ‘family secret’ to producing that perfect Sunday roast?  Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you, so please tell us what your Mum’s best advice has been for your chance to win a £100 gift card!


Here are some examples we have received so far…

‘Never judge by appearances. A rich heart may be hidden under a poor coat’

'No matter what life throws at you, stare it in the face and smile, there are always those worse off than you.’

‘Never go to sleep on an argument or it will fester, cherish what you have.’

‘Always enter the room with a smile on your face. Happiness is contagious and making others smile is a gift you should never take for granted.’

Some lovely examples… wise words indeed.

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