Helping a loved one move

Personal care at Assisted Living developments

Supporting you with an important job

If you’re helping somebody to find a home of their own, concerns about security and affordability will be at the top of your list. You want to know that they are in a secure and comfortable home that suits their changing needs. Most importantly, you’ll want them to continue to enjoy an active and independent life.

Our apartments are designed with our homeowners’ needs in mind

For 40 years, we’ve been building developments that are designed to help people get on with the things that they want to do. We have consistently achieved the maximum 5-star rating in the Home Builders Federation survey because we don’t compromise on quality. Across the living room, kitchen and bathroom, every fixture, every fitting, every tap and every doorknob has been considered. It has to be perfect, you wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would we.

Security is always on our mind

You want to know that your loved ones are safe and secure. So do we. With a camera entry system at all of our developments, you can rest easy. Every Retirement Living development has a House Manager and new Retirement Living PLUS developments have an Estates team on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, led by a qualified Estates Manager. All our homeowners have access to an emergency call system where they can seek assistance when they need.

We take care of dull but essential chores

We make life a bit easier by taking care of the tasks that have been eating up our customers’ time, like household maintenance and DIY. In our Retirement Living PLUS properties we provide flexible support services such as household cleaning and catered meals that can be tailored to suit homeowners’ needs.

So, with us taking care of all that extra stuff, our homeowners are free to spend their time on more interesting things.

Flexible personal care and domestic assistance

We have our own care team, YourLife Management Services, who will meet with you and your family member or friend to agree a personal care package that suits them at any of our Retirement Living PLUS developments. It’s completely flexible. We monitor homeowners’ needs to make sure that they are receiving all the help they need and not paying for anything unnecessarily. Our personal care and support packages can include anything from having company on shopping or social trips to medication prompting. Homeowners can choose from our services or we can recommend a number of approved registered care agencies.

Consider your financial options

Moving home can be financially and emotionally taxing. We offer help to all interested customers with a Benefits Advice service. Read our Guide to downsizing. Part Exchange could be an option for you to discuss with your loved one. 

Safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones

McCarthy & Stone has apartments for sale at over 100 developments across the UK. So wherever you want to buy, we’ll have a location to suit you.

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