Entitlements advice testimonials

“I got a phone call from the benefits advisor one day and he advised me there were probably benefits that I would be eligible for that would make my financial situation a bit more comfortable. The thought had never crossed my mind before. But after a chat, I was sent some forms to fill in, and I soon discovered I was entitled to Guaranteed Pension Credit and Council Tax Benefit - I couldn’t believe it!

His advice has made such a huge difference to my retirement. I now have no money worries and I can just enjoy my retirement in a fantastic development where I have help on hand 24/7 if I need it. Moving to Townsend Court has been a dream come true and McCarthy & Stone’s service has been second to none."

- Bill Holloway - Townsend Court

“I suffer with arthritis and it’s a real struggle, but I didn’t know that having this condition made me entitled for anything, particularly not extra financial help. My benefits advisor Colin was able to advise me about something called Attendance Allowance. I was surprised to find out I was eligible to receive some money, but I now receive the allowance once a month. It certainly makes the cost of living more comfortable and when you get to our age every little helps!”

 - Liberty Court resident

“I worked hard every day from the age of 15 and I have never claimed anything extra in my life. My wife is able to claim for an attendance allowance because of her health, but I never thought I’d personally get anything, and to be honest, I always felt embarrassed by the thought of asking.

“Our advisor was very caring and understanding, and explained the benefits system in clear and simple terms. He made me see that pride didn’t come into it as there could be help available for me too and that I was entitled to investigate my options.”

“I was so surprised,” said Fred. “I followed McCarthy & Stone's advice and was eventually told I was eligible for quite a sizable contribution towards my Council Tax costs. It’s made such a difference to our cost of living and we are really happy in our new home and are settling in well into the wonderful community at Hodgson Court. Plus, what has already been an incredible move for us has been made even more special because of the benefit’s service. I recommend that anyone unsure of their finances to speak to the McCarthy & Stone Benefits Advisor for advice.”

- Mr & Mrs Bennett - Hodgson Court